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Sports Thread - Latest Quality Issues
May 3, 2021
It's kind of glitchy and slow and not super interactive.
Jul 28, 2020
While the app has a lot of promise, it is buggy. For instance, I am unable to watch and videos on the app, as the okay button does nothing. This included videos I uploaded. Not sure if this is just an Android issue or not. Disappointing after taking so long to set everything up.
Jun 2, 2020
Unable to download videos or save sport profile. Keeps crashing
Sports Thread - Product Description
Sports Thread is connecting the athletic community. Build your profile, then start connecting with athletes/fans/coaches, & BE DISCOVERED. All for FREE. 

What does Sports Thread do for YOU?
FOR ATHLETES: Sports Thread is a platform that allows you to showcase your stats, measurables, film, and more to continue your athletic careers. Connect with others to learn and share in the victories and defeats of being a student-athlete. BE DISCOVERED for your grind and talent for FREE using features including:

* PROFILE: Fill out your profile for coaches to evaluate and see where you stack up nationally…

-Season/Career Stats: Post your stats from your in-game performance. 
-Measurable Stats: Enter your power, speed & athletic movement statistics.
-Media: Post unlimited film/highlights & pictures.
-Basic Info: Academics, biography, important recruiting information.
-Sport & Coach Info: School/program you play for & coaches.

* ATHLETES TAB: Be discovered by coaches from the stats you’ve entered in your profile. Find your competition and see where you stack up. Refine athletes with filters including: 

-Sport, Grad Year, Age, Gender, State, City
-Position, Measurable Stats, Season and Career Stats

* THE THREAD: View an endless stream of AMAZING sports content from athletes in your sport for you to interact with! Now with enhanced features including:

-Video Autoplay
-Tagging in Posts & Comments
-Replying to a comment
-Liking a comment

*SEARCH: Find athletes, fans, organizations, university information, & active coaches. Refine your search with State, City, and Sport filters.

*RECRUITING TAB: Send your Sport Profile to any coach in the Sports Thread database for FREE.
FOR COACHES: Sports Thread is the one-stop-shop to find, evaluate, and contact athletes. While allowing coaches of all levels to showcase their athletes, & stay connected to their team. All for FREE using features like...

*ATHLETES TAB: Find the athletes you need to fill your recruiting board using the athletes' tab to refine your search. Filters include:

-Basic Info: Refine your search by Sport, Grad Year, Age, Gender, City, & State.
-Position: Filter down to find the positions you need to fill.
-Measurable Stats: Refine your search to athletes that meet your measurable stats criteria
-Season/Career Stats: Find the player you need by refining your search with sport-specific stats.

*THE THREAD: Scroll through a tailored feed of sports-specific content and find an athlete that catches your eye!

*ATHLETES PROFILE: View all the information you need to evaluate an athlete all in one profile, from basic information to academics, financial aid information, club, and HS coach contact information, Measurable Stats, Career/Season Stat, AND film.

*PRIVATE WATCHLIST: Add an athlete to your private ‘Watchlist’ to keep track of your potential recruits.

*SEARCH: Find a specific athlete using the ‘Search’ function.

*CHAT: College coaches can initiate a conversation with high school athletes directly from the coach's book or by simply clicking "Contact Me" on an athlete's profile.

-Coaches at all levels can add up to 100 athletes for an easy to use group chat!

- Digital Coaches Book ("Events" Tab): Find athletes at events and view their profiles to evaluate and communicate with them.

*Scheduling: Reviewing your tournament schedule and scores has never been easier.

- See all game times for your event.
- Real-time game scores.
- Real-time standings.
- Game Details: access to full team rosters, notes on players, and scores. Select "attending" to get push notifications about that game.

*Push Notifications: Receive urgent updates from your event provider for field changes, weather delays, scores, schedule updates, and more.

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