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TeamReach – Your Team App - Latest Quality Issues
May 4, 2021
Need more options for uploading files
I use Google Drive for everything. But this app only allows for uploads from iCloud, Dropbox or local storage when using on an iPhone. Please add the ability to use Google Drive to upload files! This would make using this feat so much easier.
Apr 14, 2021
Great help desk service
I had an issue with some of my messages not showing fully. I contacted the help desk and they kept me update on what was happening with my query. In the end it was as simple as needing to update the program. I use a few different platforms for sports, but find Team Reach the easiest for information clarity.
Apr 9, 2021
Great app but receiving duplicate push notifications. Can't see how to eliminate one.
Mar 26, 2021
Great app for team communication
I love the app. It's easy to use and is a great tool for scheduling and keeping my team up to date. There is only one real issue I have and I hope the developers see this comment. I have uploaded images and some can't be removed. Since I coach several teams, i have images and files from basketball displaying in my other group (volleyball) and can't be removed. But it only seems to be in my “app”, not other's. Also some images that I never uploaded from my phone have made it to the group, but are only visible to some users; while others can't see those. Overall, I couldn't do without this app.
Mar 14, 2021
It wont let me get bsck into my account after ive deleted it twice
Feb 26, 2021
Crashing all day
Behind to crash and close out app after each attempt to login. I deleted app and redownloaded and no success. Hope it gets resolved fast. I missed my sons baseball practice yesterday 🥺
Feb 24, 2021
Easy to Use and Good for Group Scheduling
I have been using the App for scheduling pickleball play at various locations. It is easy to use and has helpful features for setting attendance limits, viewing who is participating, creating repeating events and duplicating events. I would love to see the list of names always alphabetized. It's very time consuming updating the attendance for those that are no shows or come but haven't responded YES. I would also like the option to ONLY delete or change a future occurrence of a repeating event. Having attendance history is important to me. Any chance of a future enhancement for exporting this data for record keeping purposes?
Feb 24, 2021
Downloaded for the ability to allow only a certain amount of people to go
When I made my first event I was able to limit the number of attendees that could sign up, now the feature is gone and I'm not sure where it went or why
Feb 20, 2021
Have been using TeamReach app for only a month a so to organize our pickleball play at the local outdoor courts. We had been searching and tried other apps for several months. One of the players suggested it because he had been using it and was a member of several tennis groups. Within a week after setting it up we knew it was the tool we needed. It allows us to: 1) easily replicate play date events 2) contact everyone or select groups of players without having the constant pinging we were getting using iPhone message texting as an organizing tool! 3) see a list of players who intend to play on a particular day with comments Am passing the word along to other groups to use this app! Thanks Albert
TeamReach – Your Team App - Product Description
TeamReach has everything you need to manage and instantly communicate with your team, club, or group. It's EASY, INTUITIVE, SAFE and FREE!

• MESSAGES - TeamReach saves you time and reduces confusion by serving as a central place for all team communications.
• SCHEDULES - No more guessing when and where games and practices are taking place. Includes reminders, maps and forecast.
• INSTANT UPDATES - Immediately notify your team of last minute changes: game time, location, cancellation, uniform, and more.
• AVAILABILITY - Easily find out who can attend a game, practice or special event by sending out an availability request to the group.
• EVENT DETAILS - Everyone will know the time, place, driving directions, forecast, and attendees.
• POLLS - Get instant team input on restaurants, practice times, hotels, gear, etc.
• PHOTOS - Conveniently view, share, and download photos in one place.
• SAFE - It’s an easy way for coaches, players, and parents to communicate safely without exchanging texts, emails, or phone calls.

 - Free, Easy, & Saves Time
TeamReach is designed to simplify life for everyone involved. Managers and coaches can create teams in seconds, and parents or players can easily join by entering a group code. The team has a central place for all communication, and this eliminates the need for phone calls, emails, and handouts. 

- Safe, Protects Coaches, Players & Parents
It's a safe way for coaches, players, and parents to communicate without exchanging contact information. Players do not have access to the coach's number and the coach does not have access to a players' number. It's an easy way to protect everyone and keep the conversation in one place.

- Right Place, Right Time
In a nutshell, we help the team be at the right place at the right time. Players and parents get notified of any schedule changes. Also, the coach or team manager can send out any last minute notifications including: change in location, weather delay, game time, cancellation, uniform color, and more.

- Great for Any Sport
The TeamReach App is perfect to reach out and communicate with all types of sports teams and leagues including: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Football, Pickleball, Track & Field, Skating, Diving, Cycling, Running, Skiing, Fencing, Sailing, Bowling, Ice Hockey, Badminton, Athletics, Softball, Cheerleading, Water Polo, Gymnastics, Equestrian, Martial Arts, Swim, Rowing, Spirit Squad, Rugby, Field Hockey, Wrestling, Golf, Cross Country, Cricket, Lacrosse, Tennis, and more. 
- Perfect for Any Club, Group, or Activity
TeamReach isn't just for sports management. It's a great App for any group, club, or activity including: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, YMCA, Church & Faith Group, Camp, PTO, School, Dance Class, Band, Student Association, Family, Student Government, Charity Group, Fraternity, Sorority, Nonprofit Organization, Book Club, Study Group, Rotary Club, Volunteer Group, Key Club, United Way Chapter, Day Care, and Alumni Associations. Keep it simple for your group and reach out with messages, instant notifications, schedule of meetings, and easily remind everyone of an important event. 

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