Why You Should Care About Product Quality

Product quality is critical to user engagement and the growth of your brand. If a product or an app has quality issues that affect the user experience, those users will get frustrated, provide negative feedback that discourages new users, and potentially move to competing services. If those quality issues also affect login, billing, purchasing, subscription, or other revenue-related actions, it can directly hurt your company’s revenue growth.

Consumers have high expectations when it comes to product quality. The leading brands, such as Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and Zoom excel on quality and their ability to adapt and listen to their users reflect their commitment to quality. But since those are extremely popular brands, consumers know and enjoy that level of product quality. So they expect other apps and brands to meet or exceed those levels.

Ensuring product quality isn’t easy. Most companies have huge gaps between engineering and product development, quality assurance, customer support, and the end user. Those gaps, and your users’ quality expectations, are further exacerbated by sales and marketing efforts to position your products as attractively as possible.

Even worse, when a user does finally get frustrated enough to provide negative quality feedback, the process of receiving that feedback through the deployment of a fix is long and complex. Your teams must understand the related technical components, prioritize the issue and add it to your resolution queue, get the fix on engineering’s schedule, test the fix, and add it to a future release. Even a minor hiccup in that process can derail a critical fix for a major quality issue.

Product quality is more important than ever. User retention, brand equity, and revenue growth are driven by the quality of products and experiences you deliver. Learn how unitQ helps you keep your finger on the pulse of product quality.

“We love unitQ Monitor! It used to take us so much time to identify and quantify issues. unitQ Monitor has really improved the workflow between our QA and Product teams, because we now have all the data we need to make decisions in real time. Plus, it's great that we can now search everything from one place!”
- Anja Richter, Head of QA, LOVOO
“We realized that unitQ can turn our existing customer base into an extended quality team. Before unitQ, our product improvement prioritization started with a long meeting and many opinions. Now, we look at unitQ Monitor and immediately start doing what we’re good at: Building a great product”

- Greg Burch, VP Engineering Styleseat

Drive Product Quality, Focus on Growth.