Jira and unitQ IntegrationJira and unitQ Integration

Fix the Right Issues Faster

Integrate unitQ Monitor with Jira Cloud to connect workflows between both platforms and fix the right product user issues even faster.

Create New Jira Issues within unitQ Monitor

Easily create new Jira Issues in unitQ Monitor with all the details your Engineering teams need. Once you spot a new quality issue, open the associated unitQ Quality Monitor and create the issue right there without going to Jira. The Quality Monitor automatically links to the newly created Jira issue.

Track Jira Issues from Quality Monitors

Stay on top of each Jira issue right from the Quality Monitor, which displays the most important Jira fields for each linked issue, so you can see how engineering is progressing in their work to address the feedback from the issue.

See Quality Monitors in Jira

With the unitQ Jira app, your engineering team can easily see relevant unitQ Quality Monitors with real-time user feedback and product quality insights right inside their Jira workflow. Use these insights to quantify the immediate impact fixing a bug or implementing a task can have.

Installing Jira Cloud Is Easy

To get started, install the unitQ Monitor App from the Atlassian Marketplace:
  • Log into Jira as an admin or privileged user.
  • Navigate to the Marketplace by choosing Apps > Find New Apps.
  • Type unitQ in the Search for Apps box and press Enter.
  • Click the unitQ app tile. On the next screen, click Get app to install the app.

After you install the unitQ app, copy the unitQ Jira token that appears on the installation screen and securely share it with your unitQ customer success team via Slack. The unitQ customer success team will let you know as soon as they integrate your unitQ Jira token into unitQ Monitor.