Your loyal customers are telling you what's broken.
Start listening.

We listen to all of your customers’ feedback in real-time, all the time. Our platform is channel agnostic.

Aggregated customer feedback is translated into English.

Translated customer feedback is drip-fed to a magic machine that eliminates noise and surfaces bugs.

Identified product quality issues are sorted into custom categories and displayed on a real-time dashboard.

Aggregate Feedback

Translate Content

Analyze Data

Categorize Bugs

Discover bugs from your global user base with machine learning and advanced data tools.

Massive Test Matrix

By discovering bugs in real time from live users, you can quickly roll out fixes before more people discover them. In a CI/CD environment, you can have a fix out in minutes or hours after an issue has been identified.

Too many platforms, languages, devices and releases. Bugs slip through the cracks only for your users to discover them, live in production. Our tools seek out and find these issues so you can act fast and provide a fix.

Decreased Churn - Increased Growth

Improved Reputation

Filling the funnel with new customers is easy. Retaining them is very hard. Keep your customers happy and satisfied. Reducing churn supercharges growth.

Customers love to be heard and acknowledged. Actively listening to and engaging with your customers improves their satisfaction with your products and services and makes them more loyal to your brand. Word of mouth can get you even more customers.

We find bugs in production across all regions, languages and platforms in real-time

Using machine learning to analyze data, we collate, translate and categorize bugs to ensure your products’ quality and stability.

unitQ Monitor

World Class Quality

"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected"

—Steve Jobs