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Users are saying a lot about your product.unitQ Monitor helps you listen.
unitQ Monitor scans and analyzes what customers are saying across popular channels, including the App Store, Zendesk, Reddit, Twitter, and more.
Global feedback
and insights
Helpful insights aren’t limited to a single region, which is why we translate feedback from over 100 languages into English and monitor at a global scale.
actionable Quality Issues
We use machine learning to parse translated feedback and eliminate noise and false positives to surface Quality Issues that would otherwise stay buried.
Real-time dashboards
and reporting
unitQ Monitor offers a dashboard that displays trending Quality Issues, recent activity, closed and open Quality Issues, and more. You can access the dashboard from any device.
“We love unitQ Monitor! It used to take us so much time to identify and quantify issues. unitQ Monitor has really improved the workflow between our QA and Product teams, because we now have all the data we need to make decisions in real time. Plus, it's great that we can now search everything from one place!”
- Anja Richter, Head of QA, LOVOO
“We realized that unitQ can turn our existing customer base into an extended quality team. Before unitQ, our product improvement prioritization started with a long meeting and many opinions. Now, we look at unitQ Monitor and immediately start doing what we’re good at: Building a great product”

- Greg Burch, VP Engineering Styleseat
unitQ Monitor provides peace of mind
Push out timely fixes
unitQ Monitor alerts you of potential issues as they’re trending and provides the insights and metadata you need to reproduce Quality Issues and push fixes to production quickly.
Plan for Quality Issues in production
Platforms, devices, and releases — oh my! Today’s testing matrix is massively complicated, and customers will inevitably encounter quality issues in production. Let unitQ Monitor uncover Quality Issues that would otherwise stay buried.
Reduce churn and focus on growth
Attracting new customers is easy, but holding onto them is hard, especially if your product is buggy. unitQ Monitor helps you ensure product quality so you can keep your customers happy and away from the competition!
Increase brand loyalty and engagement
Everyone wants to be seen and heard. unitQ Monitor effectively lets you “listen to” and engage with customers in a truly scalable and timely way.
unitQ Monitor works with popular tools you’re already using
Monitor support tickets and user feedback to uncover potential quality issues with your product, in real-time.
Set up alerts and notifications in Slack so teams can stay on top of potential issues as they come in.
Link bugs within unitQ Monitor with issues in Jira.

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