Your loyal customers are telling you what's broken 24/7. Start tuning in.


unitQ Monitor

Using machine learning to analyze data, we collate, translate and categorize bugs for our customers to ensure quality and stability.


Aggregate User Feedback

Find hidden bugs buried in your customer’s feedback automatically, so you can stop manually mining reviews and act on insight quickly. From anomaly detection to automatic bug categorization, we make sure you never miss feedback from your users.

Translation of User Feedback

How do you know if a catastrophic bug was just deployed to your Japanese Android community? We can help you monitor production quality across numerous global channels in real-time.

Machine Learning

Surface product quality anomalies and uncover issues in your software automatically. Discover bugs from your global user base with machine learning and advanced data tools.


Once the data has been collected, translated and analysed, it is sorted into custom categories and displayed on a real-time dashboard.

We find bugs in production across all regions, languages and platforms in real-time