PagerDuty and unitQ IntegrationPagerDuty and unitQ Integration

Resolve Critical Product Quality Issues in Real Time

Use unitQ to identify feedback trends, send timely alerts to teams in PagerDuty, and quickly resolve customer-impacting issues.

Monitor Public and Private Feedback Channels

Our AI-enabled platform consolidates feedback across multiple customer channels — from the App Stores to Zendesk, Intercom to Twitter.

Notify Your Team in PagerDuty

Send timely alerts to the right teams when new feedback data arrives, when Quality Monitors start to trend, or new emerging issues are detected.

Fix Product Quality Issues Faster

Mobilize your team in PagerDuty with the insights from unitQ they need to prioritize, triage, and fix quality issues.

Installing PagerDuty Is Easy

Setting up our PagerDuty integration is easy; just select the
PagerDuty services to contact to unitQ

How it works

  • When an alert triggers in the unitQ Monitor, it sends a notification to the specified PagerDuty services and creates a PagerDuty incident. Any users subscribed to that service can receive the notification and act upon it.

  • If you selected Send recovery notification when you configured the alert in the unitQ Monitor, when the alert condition returns to the recovery threshold, unitQ Monitor sends out another notification to PagerDuty.


  • To integrate with PagerDuty, your PagerDuty account must have the admin user role to add the app.If you do not have the admin role, contact your IT team to configure your account correctly.


Integration Walkthrough

In PagerDuty

There are no integration steps on the PagerDuty side, other than configuring any new PagerDuty services that you want to integrate with unitQ.

In unitQ Monitor

In the unitQ Monitor, you first need to contact your unitQ customer success manager to have them install the PagerDuty app. Then you can configure unitQ Monitor alerts to send notifications to your PagerDuty services.

Add PagerDuty to a unitQ Alert

You can have unitQ Monitor automatically open a PagerDuty incident when a unitQ alert triggers. Anyone within your organization who has access to both unitQ Monitor and PagerDuty can create new PagerDuty channels or edit existing channels.
  • In the unitQ Monitor, click Alerts in the left-hand menu.
  • To create a new alert, click Create Alert. To edit an existing alert, select the alert, click the hamburger icon (☰), then click Edit.
  • Select the alert method, definition, and condition. To learn about creating an alert, read Create Alerts.
  • Click the Notify Team dropdown, then do one of the following:
    • To select an existing PagerDuty service, select it in the dropdown.
    • To choose a different PagerDuty service, select Add New PagerDuty Channel. This opens the PagerDuty login page.
      • Your browser redirects to PagerDuty. Log in to PagerDuty with your PagerDuty account credentials.
      • In the Select Services list, select the service or services you want to integrate with unitQ Monitor, then click Connect.
      • Your browser redirects to the unitQ alert creation page.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page to complete your PagerDuty integration.

How to Uninstall

  • In PagerDuty, choose Services > Service Directory, select the unitQ Monitor service.
  • Click the Integrations tab.
  • Click the gear icon, then click Delete Integration. Click OK to confirm.