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AI Art Generator - Latest Quality Issues
May 15, 2023
It stopped working after last update
Today it's the 14th of may, 2023. The app updated a couple of days ago, and it just stopped working. 😤
May 16, 2023
No longer works
Will not open
May 16, 2023
Developers won’t provide any support
It was all fun and games untill they added in app purchases (that I don't know what they do). When asked via their support e-mail, no response. It WAS a nice app. Looks shady now.
May 18, 2023
Your new update
I updated. Originally bought it months ago when it was just a $4.99 purchase. Now required to pay an additional $20. Fix this.
May 19, 2023
Cool App
Used to be a cool app. Since a few versions it crashes when opening and it is completely unusable. Time for a bug fix release. I also lost all of my previously generated artworks….
May 21, 2023
App that does not give great satisfaction. Purchased at a fixed price (and not with a monthly contribution like other AI apps) to help developers in this project and... No more updates or improvements from April. I know so much about "I take the money and run". Too bad for those like me who have credit!
May 21, 2023
Bug “fixes”?
The app is (or was; can no longer tell) very pretty. The pretrained models it comes with (or did; can no longer tell) are gorgeous. Unless you're using no pretrained model, the output is uniformly dreamy and stylized, and I love that about it. I play with a number of AI image generators, and I haven't encountered that particular nice touch elsewhere. I suspect the person who put the app together is more of an artist / designer than a developer. Which might be why every update so far has had dire consequences to the point I'm finally fed up with the emotional roller coaster and will be moving on. The first time around, my library was obliterated. Anything I hadn't saved to Photos was gone. I emailed the developer for help and was promptly ignored. The next time, the app would get stuck in a loop where an image is being generated, except nothing happens. This time (update was pushed 2 days ago, no fix since), it's refusing to even run. You get a black screen that sits there for a while, and then the app crashes. I have a souped up iPad Pro 12.9' (the latest model), so no, this isn't about my setup being unequal to its might. My advice is stay away unless you're fine with regularly worrying what irreparable damage the developer might do the next time they „improve“ the app or „fix“ a bug. PS: Right after I posted this review, an update was pushed to fix the previous update. Predictably, it's fixed nothing.
May 26, 2023
Just one issue
This app is great mostly high quality images but the faces are weirdly misshapen. Please fix this issue.
May 27, 2023
One of the best???
it was one of the best, [name] , fun to use. But since the fixes two weeks ago it doesnt work, a week ago it came on for an hour then nothing since. Their support only goes to career mail and Ive contacted Apple three times and they havent even returned any info. We will wait and see......
AI Art Generator - Product Description
The future of AI art is here!
Turn your words into unique and beautiful digital art. Using the power of AI based technology, AI Art Generator allows you to bring your imagination to reality in seconds!


Simply describe what you want by entering prompts, select an art style and we will do the rest. Just sit tight, be prepared and be surprised by the one-of-the-kind ai art created by you.

What can you do with us?

"Song lyrics?"
- Easy!

"Your name?"
- Beautiful choice!

"Zodiac signs?"
- Piece of cake!

"Fictional characters?"
- Let's try it out!

"Random combinations of words?"
- You name it, we generate it!

Wait!!! There's more, stay tuned!


Not only can you use texts as prompts, you can also use your own photo as a reference to create AI art. Amazing, right?!!


The perfect AI art generator for your art ideas, lockscreen, tattoo, etc. Watch as AI generates your ideas into beautiful digital paintings! Get ready to be mind-blowing with our AI based technology!


Save your AI art to collection, send it your family and friends or share it with the world, it's that simple!

Try AI Art Generator today and let your dreams come to life!

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