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Air Traffic - flight tracker - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 23, 2021
No airport info, patchy flight search
Oct 21, 2021
Rare kill, even the flight number can not be entered!
Oct 20, 2021
Reasonable, it still crashes a lot
Oct 19, 2021
Does not show planes at Birmingham Airport
Oct 17, 2021
This app does not show certain flights no, I live near the airport, and goes up and down flights here and it does not show .
Oct 16, 2021
Does not display all planes and helicopters. In emergency situations you don't see if the air rescue comes at all
Oct 15, 2021
I give him 4 stars because a few minutes ago passed a plane above me and not showed it, it kept happening to me, but, otherwise it's okk
Oct 10, 2021
No indication if the plane is in stopover: example AF 983 in STOPOVER in Douala, must leave around 21 h.45 on Yaoundé NSI from CDG this 10 Oct. at 14 h.10
Oct 4, 2021
Most of the aircraft above me are not shown at all on this app.
Air Traffic - flight tracker - Product Description
This flight tracker displays live planes on a map. Like a radar, with real-time position updates and many flight status details. All of the features are available for free, which is uncommon enough to be highlighted : no subscription nor option to unlock by payment.

When selecting a plane you will have all the details :
- airline and flight number,
- flight origin and destination airports,
- departure and arrival time,
- aircraft type, including photos,
- altitude, speed and heading,
- 3D pilot view animation

The planes are displayed on the map with about ten different icons depending on the type of aircraft. Also including helicopters.

You can find plane for a given flight or with a given registration, using the very responsive search engine. Once selected you may add the flight to the list of favorites. This will enable you later to retrieve and swap from flight to flight in a very efficient way.

When opening settings, you can choose type of maps and units.

One of the feature we are the most proud of is the real-time 3D view of the ground. A bird-eye view as if you were in the plane : enjoy the landing!

Present app is designed to display commercial flight. Military aircraft is out of scope.

Do note that not all planes are available : from 90 to 95 % coverage.

You will appreciate the very responsiveness of this flight tracker app when panning and zooming around.

Permissions : we are concerned by your privacy. You will only be requested to grant location permission if you want to use the 'around me' feature. You may deny. Clean app, no other tricky permission out there.
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