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Avenza Maps: Offline Mapping - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 18, 2021
Update: Support team is cordially non-responsive
Update to previous review… This update broke the functionality of the app less than two weeks before hunting. Contacted support. Let's see how responsive they are. Previous review: I have been experiencing a reported problem for nearly a year, and the software has received numerous updates. While corresponding with the software developers, they cordially give you lip-service, but fail to fix the problem. The problem that I reported is when importing files from iTunes file sharing, the dialog window that is presented does not alpha-numerically sort the files available for selection. Note that when I first reported the problem, their developers were adamant that the dialog Windows sorts by default, which must have been determined by having two test flies loaded on the system. I have upward of 2000 geo-tagged pdf files that I have modified for hunting in the state of Colorado. When these files are presented for import in an I sorted manner, selecting the needed map becomes an aggravating exercise in futility. If you have a lot of files from which to select, you should consider this as a warning because the support team is not competent to provide timely fixes to apparently simple problems.
Oct 18, 2021
Latest update breaks the app, slow load, no response from app, currently useless!!
Oct 17, 2021
They want to charge me again the subscription plus for the fact of changing phones...
Oct 16, 2021
Recent update no longer accurately mapped
After this most recent update, all of my pins as well as my location are now on the very small reference map at the bottom and not on the main one. Is there a way to revert back to a previous version?
Oct 16, 2021
Latest update is faulty: Blacked out screen issue.
Latest update version 3.15 causes the app to open up with a completely blank and black screen. The app, and all of my purchased maps are completely unusable. Please fix this!
Oct 16, 2021
Solid App Support
Latest update has performance problems on my iPad. Not sure why, but the latest update has “broken” the map view. By “broken” I mean that when I select a map, the map displays quickly, but you cannot interact (pan/zoom) with the map for 20+ or more seconds. I submitted a support ticket with Avenza. —————- Older: I may have some issues with how Avenza handled the custom maps transition with limiting how many you could have without a pricy subscription. That is a marketing decision, and there are other factors that can be important to consider. Based on my experiences in interacting with their support team, I have found that Avenza has a solid support team and development team behind them. Case in point, iOS 11.3 came out and I discovered shortly after updating, that I could not create placemarks on a map. The app crashed when creating a placemark. This was a real issue for me, as I do this often when planning hikes for parking and such. I reached out to Avenza via their support site and was quickly informed that the the company was aware of the issue and working on a fix. And, they were. Within a day the update was available and the issue that I experienced has been corrected. To me this speaks a lot for a company in how they interact with their customers.
Oct 15, 2021
Latest update is faulty: Blacked out screen issue.
Latest update causes the app to open up with a completely blank black screen.
Oct 14, 2021
The compass does not work
Oct 12, 2021
Very disappointed. I can't actually tell you if it's a good app because it's never worked so I can't use it. The maps that downloaded wouldn't open when I wanted them to…then they all disappeared. I've tried to reinstall them and it's been “paused” and won't let me do anything now. Clearly not worth that $19.99 investment.
Avenza Maps: Offline Mapping - Product Description
Avenza Maps, #1 app for hiking, biking and all trails. Featuring maps from National Geographic, national parks and more!  

On your next adventure, stay on track with GPS using offline mobile maps. Make your own maps? Import your custom maps and never get lost off the grid.

Explore the largest mobile Map Store of hiking, topographic, cycling, city, nautical, travel, and trail maps. Featuring maps from professional publishers including National Geographic, National Park Service, and the US Forest Service. Discover maps for your next camping, fishing, or backpacking trip with your family and friends. Navigate confidently when off-roading or taking those backcountry trails. Precisely identify your location with what3words and stay safe wherever you are.

Avenza Maps is free and the best map app for recreational use. Maps are available for free or purchase from the in-app Map Store. Plus subscription is available for unlimited custom map imports. Pro subscription is available for professional users with full access to all features and mapping tools.

Avenza Maps for your offline adventures on all trails!

- Locate your realtime GPS position and find direction, even when offline
- Record GPS tracks during your activities
- Navigate to features using compass tools 
- Add photos and notes to any location
- Add placemarks to your map and style them with recreational symbols
- Measure distances and estimate times
- Supports KML, GPX, and CSV Formats

Search and download maps by activity, category, and specific publishers with premium maps from:
- National Geographic
- Michelin
- Backroad Mapbooks (BRMB)
- New York - New Jersey Trail Conference
- USFS (United States Forest Service)
- USGS (United States Geological Survey)
- FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
- NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
- BLM (Bureau of Land Management)
- HarperCollins
- DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer / Garmin
- BaseImage
- National Park Service
- And thousands more!
A free account lets you access all of your map downloads.

For recreational and power users who need more
- Unlimited import of your own geospatial PDF, GeoPDF®, and GeoTIFF maps
- Create geofences for up to 50 individual features and up to four geofence layers

For professionals and organizations who require an offline mapping solution with location awareness with more features and tools
- Unlimited import of your own geospatial PDF, GeoPDF®, and GeoTIFF maps
- GPS averaging, additional coordinate display formats, custom symbol sets
- Connect high-accuracy GPS devices including Trimble, Bad Elf, and Dual via Bluetooth
- Created unlimited geofences and get global geofence notifications
- Convert tracks to areas
- Map orientation lock
- Import and export Esri® Shapefiles
- Import and manage custom symbology sets
- Priority technical support
Avenza Maps Pro subscription required for commercial, academic, government, and professional use.

Avenza Maps Plus and Pro are available as annual subscriptions. You can subscribe and pay through your Apple ID. Subscriptions are 12 months in duration and will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of your selected plan. Auto-renewal can be turned off in your iTunes Account Settings. If you didn’t use iTunes to subscribe, you can manage your subscription through Avenza.

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