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Battle Racing Stars - Latest Quality Issues
Nov 16, 2022
That's just downloaded the game. I went through " Dan the man ". The only downside here is that I can't choose the character I'm going to play as. It's actually very frustrating, going through the last game I've always been for Dan. He became a very native character for me, and here unfortunately I can't play him. The plans are to knock it out, and play. And so everything is fine, thank you for it!
Nov 18, 2022
The game is difficult at first I played the game l yes because it became very difficult even on small cups i lost val So fix
Nov 19, 2022
Why can't I get Dan in the game
Nov 19, 2022
Game won't start
Nov 19, 2022
This application I do not recommend it because one day I had many flags or cups not as yama but the next day my glasses were put in 0 and I saw it unpleasant I do not recommend it
Nov 23, 2022
I have used to play this game since beggining. And I love it! But No Updates. No new charachters and futures. Too repetetive
Nov 28, 2022
The game is good but sometimes it contains innapopriate ads.
Nov 29, 2022
It's very limited and gets boring fast
Nov 30, 2022
Game horror downloaded entered, does not load 100 times tried, deleted wanted to download again but it turns out not deleted wanted to delete, generally does not want to play as here crashes immediately, maybe it is a problem of the phone but still! I put 1 star
Battle Racing Stars - Product Description
Get ready to battle! A new battle racing experience from the creators of other legendary games like Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja and Dan the Man.

Race online or play with friends, battling in fun packed races. 

Unlock and upgrade tons of epic characters from other Halfbrick games like Barry from Jetpack Joyride, Dan from Dan the Man or the ninjas from Fruit Ninja. Use them to race your way to victory. 

It's your call! Just play as time killer or make everyone else taste your dust competing online on ranked leagues. There is fun for everyone here!

Pick your favorite character and have fun running across all kind of amazing locations like the endless labs from Jetpack Joyride in all kind of different gamemodes.

-Quick Play: Race against other 3 players!

-Friendly Race: Race against your friends in custom private matches!

-UFO Apocalypse: Race avoiding the UFO while battling against other players. Have fun throwing your rivals into the UFO beam!

-Auto-Boost: Your character will be running at max speed all the time. Choose the fastest route and avoid your rival's attack in this frenetic skirmish!

-Flappy Bomb: A flappy evil bomb is chasing after all the players! Watch out! If you stay in the last position for too long it will blow you out of the race!

-Portal Mania: Only for the bravest! A ton of interdimensional portals have mixed all tracks in the game into one! Will you be able to scape this labyrinth?


Collect a ton of unique characters from all across awesome Halfbrick games. Each character has their own set of awesome abilities. Level up and upgrade your characters to make them the best! You can even customize your favorite characters with tons of skins!

These are some of the cool character you will find:

- Barry from Jetpack Joyride

- Mary from Fruit Ninja

-The Scientists from Jetpack Joyride

- Raskull King  from Magic Brick Wars

- Dan from Dan The Man

- Flash from Jetpack Joyride

- Josie from Dan The Man

- Sensei from Fruit Ninja

- Zombie T-Rex from Age of Zombies

- Rory form Bears vs. Art


Take your time, chill out and experience a fun racing game at your own pace or... challenge yourself and climb your way up to the top of each leaderboard from Wood Division to the Masters Division where you will run super intense matches competing online against the best players.

The game keeps growing every time with new racing tracks, new epic characters and new cool events to keep the game fresh and interesting.


-Race online in multiplayer races

-Use your character abilities to battle your rivals while racing

-Race solo or against your friends

-Quick races that last less than 2 minutes

-Fresh Arcade events weekly

-Customize your favorite runners with awesome skins

-Easy to learn and have fun

-Learn all its secrets and show everyone who’s boss by climbing up the leaderboards
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