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Beat.ly: music video maker - Latest Quality Issues
May 23, 2023
Good but the prblm is there are many ads
May 25, 2023
It is no not download this 😫😫😫
May 25, 2023
This Application is Can't Download please Solve This Problem Away ☺️
May 25, 2023
Can't Install this aap fix the problem
May 27, 2023
Always there are ads!😵‍💫Every way there are vip versions on the screen and I need to watch adS ,not ad adS to have mi video ready!🤬I guess if you don't do TO MUCH ads ,more people gonna like this app.🫠
May 28, 2023
Ads is very tam
May 29, 2023
Network error show ho ra hai har time but Baki App on ho rahe hai
May 29, 2023
Too many ads..every time when I have to see any template one ad comes..😡
May 30, 2023
Not open
Beat.ly: music video maker - Product Description
Top 10 FREE HD music video maker and photo slideshow maker on Google Play in 40+ countries worldwide! Find best trendy templates, popular music, stunning transitions and video effects in Beat.ly! 

【New!】AI art templates are now available in Beat.ly!
Using the latest AI templates, you can convert your photos into various styles of digital ACG art with one click, and make the before and after comparison pictures into aesthetic music videos.
- Pre-set AI art templates make it easy to generate AI art without any trouble composing prompts.
- Turn your portrait photos into aesthetic digital arts in styles of cute, devil's, innocent, Christmas...
- See what your pet looks like to AI: little princess, angel, cute devil...
- Make your romantic anime art with a couple photo

Beat.ly - Customized music video editor designed for influencers & vloggers, top mini movie maker and HD pro music video maker, photo slideshow maker with music, helps you easily add music to video, edit video with music and pic for Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Musical.ly, etc.

• Beat.ly offers amounts of templates with great effects + transitions, updated constantly.
• Each beat.ly transition follows the exact music rhythm and make your video stand out.
• Dozens of high-quality FREE music can perfectly meet users’ different requirements.
• Share your creative videos to Facebook, Instagram, and other SNS anytime and anywhere.

Music Video Maker & Effects
* Beat.ly provides an extremely high-quality editing process.
* Amounts of mv templates with great effects + transitions. 
* The distinctive transition follows the exact music rhythm.
* Create slideshows with an UNLIMITED mix of Photos clips.
* Easy-to-use free movie maker and no crop app.

Merge Photo to Video
* Merge multi photos into one music video without losing quality. 
* Free music video maker for YouTube, Instagram, Musical.ly, etc. 

Add Music to Video
* Beat.ly is a photo to video maker with varieties of background music.
* Find the background music that fits your need when making a photo video.
* Add music to video, mix photos with music, edit videos with music and photos.
* Video editing app with music. Add music to video.
* Free music video maker with effects, video clip editing app

Photo Slideshow Maker
* Photo slideshow maker, merge photos to create slideshow with music.
* Mix photos with videos, add custom photo cover for video.
* Free music video make with effects, new trend video editing app.

Save Video to Album
* Beat.ly provides 720P HD export without losing quality. 
* Save or export video to your phone at any time. 
* Make music video from pics and song with this free and easy-to-use clip maker.
* Turn your photos & video clips into cool trend video with music and transitions! 
* Free video editor with great effects, trendy music video maker & clip editing app.

Share Video Seamlessly
* Custom video export resolution, HD pro video editor (720P), professional movie maker.
* Free video editor with great effects + transitions, trendy music video maker & clip editing app.
* Share music videos to all social apps YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

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Beat.ly is a powerful HD music video maker & video editor, photo slideshow maker with music. As a free music video maker, it's great for turning your photos & video clips into cool trend video with music and transitions! 

Any questions for Beat.ly (FREE music video maker with effects, photo slideshow maker with music)? 
Please contact us at beat.sub@outlook.com.
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