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Bikroy - Everything Sells - Latest Quality Issues
Mar 10, 2023
The Maximum seller is A Idiot...They take the money by promising to deliver but then don't deliver the goods..😡 I lost my 200tk...
Mar 18, 2023
সাবধান ! এটা লোক ঠকানোর ফাঁদ। এ দেশে আইনের শাসন নেই বলে এরা এই ব্যবসা করতে পারে। 1. No Identity or details in profile for tracking seller 2. No verified payment system for proof 3. Can't check faulty product 4. No ensure about product delivery 5. No returns policy 6. No product details in live or video 7. No seller or product ratings. 8. No User reviews system. Why ? Truth is hidden there. Please see details, Request for every user.
Mar 19, 2023
Can't chat. App is crashing everytime
Mar 19, 2023
Category not working properly.
Mar 20, 2023
Not good..crash so many time
Mar 21, 2023
Does not post any of my adds.
Mar 21, 2023
Heating issues
It's crash.. Make the phone too much hot. Harmful for iPhone
Mar 24, 2023
They will keep calling you to sell promotional offers which they commit will increase reach to customers and help you sell faster. But you will not find any difference.
Mar 25, 2023
Chatting Feature pura baje Quality. Load hoy to reply jay na, reply gele new msg show kore na. Faltu app
Bikroy - Everything Sells - Product Description
Bikroy is Bangladesh's largest online marketplace where you can buy and sell absolutely anything! No more physical visits to markets or shops; now you can simply download the Bikroy app and find just the product or service you're looking for. From brand-new and used vehicles to mobiles phones, laptops, TVs, cameras and everything in between, Bikroy offers thousands of great deals in 50+ categories. What's more, you can also find property for rent and sale, and apply for jobs in Bangladesh and overseas.  

Bikroy is one of Bangladesh's fastest growing apps with over 5 millions downloads and 300,000+ listings of a wide variety of products and services that cater to millions of buyers countrywide. 

Here’s why the Bikroy app is so popular:
• Great in-app experience
• Wide selection across various categories
• Post an ad in just 2 mins
• Fast ad approvals
• Generate instant cash by selling new/used items
• Discover thous ands of products and services nearby
• Optimized search and filters for a hassle-free shopping experience

With the Bikroy app you can:
• Browse thousands of local ads in Dhaka, Khulna, Chattogram, Rajsahi, Sylhet and more 
• Search by category, location and keywords to find just what you're looking for
• Connect with verified sellers with a single tap and start making great deals
• Chat with sellers directly for negotiations and more info
• Pin your favourite ads 
• Promote ads by using ‘Bump Up’ & ‘Top Ad’ options
• Find all categories seamlessly combined on one platform
• Post ads fast and for free, from your phone
• Manage all your ads in one place
• Save on data usage with our data-saving mode

Shop in categories such as:

‣ Find new and secondhand mobile phones posted by genuine sellers of all brands such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Nokia, OnePlus and many more
‣ Call or chat with sellers to get the best deals
‣ Raise some quick cash by selling a used mobile phone - all you have to do is click a few photos of the phone, post an ad on Bikroy. You’ll attract plenty of serious buyers in no time!

‣ Buy and sell brand new and used tablets, laptops, cameras, TVs, video games, gaming consoles, audio gear, lighting, refrigerators, washing machines and more
‣ Compare prices
‣ Find accessories such as cases, headphones, adapters, etc.

Cars & Vehicles
‣ Buy and sell brand-new and used cars, motorcycles, scooters, trucks, buses, vans, boats and heavy duty vehicles 
‣ Browse a wide selection of car types such as Saloon, Hatchback, SUV, 4X4, Station Wagon, Coupe Sports and MPV
‣ Compare prices and search for vehicles from popular brands such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Kia, Mitsubishi, etc.
‣ Filter your search by the vehicle's condition, model year, mileage, etc.
‣ Find parts and accessories for your vehicles

‣ Buy, sell and rent your property through Bikroy
‣ Search for houses, apartments, land and commercial property
‣ Compare prices and property size

‣ Find job vacancies in Bangladesh and overseas
‣ Post job offers for your organization
‣ Search for full-time, part-time or contractual jobs and internships
‣ Browse through offers in the marketing, sales, IT, accounts and customer service sectors

Sign up for a free account and start selling! Follow these 5 quick steps to post your ad:

First, snap some good photos of your item.

• Step 1: Click on the POST YOUR AD button
• Step 2: Login to your account with Google, Facebook or Email
• Step 3: Choose the right category
• Step 4: Fill in the required information
• Step 5: Upload the photos

Become a member on Bikroy, set up your own online shop and start selling instantly!

Download the free app now and make the most of the Bangladesh's largest marketplace.

Want to learn more about Bikroy? Visit 

Follow us:
‣ https://www.facebook.com/bikroy
‣ https://twitter.com/bikroy_com
‣ http://www.youtube.com/user/BikroyBD
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