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Blend Me Photo Editor - Latest Quality Issues
Dec 28, 2023
Too much ads. The ads overwhelmed the apps functionality rendering it nearly useless. Hey, developer, you have shot yourself in the foot. I've uninstalled the app.
Dec 31, 2023
Terrible application, lots of advertising, I don't recommend it thanks
Jan 2, 2024
Terrible application happened to be the best to be an application full of advertisements I have been answered and told that if I want it to work well I bought the application with a couple.. I tell them that there are many applications like yours or better and they are not of interest. Thank you for the answer to if you become a customer by abligating the🤦🤦🤦
Jan 19, 2024
How can I start off blending pic with a 16:9 ratio? It goes back to square shape even after choosing the aspect ratio.
Jan 23, 2024
A lot of advertising I don't recommend it, there are several in play store that don't have so much advertising and they go great, it was in its day... Good shame.....
Feb 4, 2024
The application has nice backgrounds they should put more wolves in it, I don't see the ads inconvenience because you get the background you want, my observation is with the draft that was more minimal it would be better there are photos that are left with something and the draft reaches the point that it does not reduce more that is like my observation, I hope I have contributed something positive, thank you very much
Feb 7, 2024
Now it only works online
Feb 9, 2024
Not long ago I installed it on my phone, tried it and almost went crazy. 1) It takes a long time to load, by selecting a photo, you wait for it to load, and then you wait for the backgrounds to load. Delete.
Feb 15, 2024
It's very good but suddenly it gets stuck but it brings good options to edit the photos
Blend Me Photo Editor - Product Description
Blend Me Photo Editor is an application to mix two images with blend effect and shape overlay. You can also Mix multiple picture at the same time. 

The photo editing app is enhancing the beauty of the original photo and will make the beautiful mixture photo. 

AI Photo Cutout:
Cut out is the best tool to remove the background and change background so easily. Just select and erase objects which you want to remove accurate. We provide thousands of backgrounds like Romantic love background, Nature background, World tourist places background, Color background etc. Try Now!

Auto Blend:
Blend me effect can be applied very easily, you just need to adjust opacity or fade according to your requirement.

Shape Blend: 
Create your photo in a different shape. It supports heart, circle, rectangle, triangle, and 3D shapes. Photo overlay with shape will add a more stylish look to your photo. Try to shape overlay magic.

Photo Filter:
There is a huge collection filter's effect, you can apply to anyone that is suit your photo.

Photo Editor: 
Here you can use multiple photo editing tools like, Crop, Rotate, Flip Photo. You can add text, stickers, overlay effect, color overlay, and many other options. Also you can manage layer easily.

Background Collection: 
There is a large collection of Portrait and Landscape background in different categories like Love, Nature, Travel, Birthday, Beach, Flower, Night, Ship, Sunset, Sports, Waterfall, Heaven, color etc., .

Something New Every Day:
We are uploading new backgrounds everyday, so you will get a perfect dose of the latest background or you can make the request which you want.

Blend Me Photo Editor Pro:
Go Pro! Blend Me Photo Editor Pro gives you access to THOUSANDS OF PREMIUM BACKGROUNDS, SHAPES, EFFECTS, FONTS. These exclusive Blend Me Photo Editor items can be used in editing & remixing on photo blender, Additionally Blend Me Photo Editor Pro includes an ADS-FREE editing experience.

Show your magical creativity to the world and look more beautiful and stunning by using this app.

Hope you enjoy and like this beautiful Blend Me Photo Editor app. Don't forget to give a good rating if you like it...
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