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BukuWarung Apps for MSMEs - Latest Quality Issues
Feb 12, 2024
After being updated, the financial statements are not kyak dlu lg, the old report appears above, the new one is in blakang skali.. very2 unpleasant..
Feb 13, 2024
After the update, it is not clear that many are missing 😩
Feb 13, 2024
After being updated, why even become freez, yes, it can't be opened at all, even though a lot of my data is there,😭please fix it 🙏🏻 immediately
Feb 14, 2024
Exhausted heavy updates
Feb 14, 2024
After updating the slow application, my cellphone is 5G in fact, I return to the previous version and then it can run smoothly, the point is not to update it first, the latest version is still not perfect.
Feb 16, 2024
Still need improvement in automatic bookkeeping, many transactions are not recorded
Feb 18, 2024
The pay now feature is not reliable, the status is successful but the balance does not enter the account, often very vulnerable events
Feb 18, 2024
Apk full of bugs, financial calculations and sales sometimes wrong
Feb 18, 2024
after the eee update even the application can not be opened ,,, open for a while then exit itself,,,hede,,
BukuWarung Apps for MSMEs - Product Description
BukuWarung is a platform designed for Small-Medium Businesses that provide bookkeeping and facilitate payment, finance services, and commerce.

As a complete financial application for business development, financial record, and digital payment. BukuWarung is a perfect application for payment agents, phone credit agents, or PPOB. You can use this application to sell phone credit, electricity tokens, e-wallet top-up, internet data packages, and even your monthly bills! How awesome is that?

With BukuWarung your financial report becomes more presentable and multiplies your profit.

You can do financial accounting activities, such as recording purchases, expenses, debts and receivables, product stocks, and even online cashiers from your smartphone. Your financial records become more presentable, and you can instantly monitor your sales profit.

⚡ Selling phone credits, electricity tokens, e-wallet top-up, internet data packages
BukuWarung provides services to sell phone credits, electricity tokens, e-wallet top-up, internet data packages, and also your bills. It’s a complete app, free of charge, and has various payment methods.

💸 Instant disbursment for interbank pay and bill
With BukuWarung’s digital payment features, you can pay and bill to your customer without worrying anymore because instant disbursement! Paying and billing is also safer using BukuWarung.

📩 Automatic finance report
Automatically download your finance report, daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly profit with BukuWarung. With PDF or Microsoft Excel format guaranteed to be more presentable

💰 Recording and reminder your customer bill
Record any bill and payment with BukuWarung, set and send the bill reminder through SMS or WhatsApp directly to your customer. FOR FREE! 

🏪 Manage your product stock without hassle
You can add, arrange and put the selling price of your products all at once. Your product stocks will be updated automatically for every transaction. Not just that, we are also able to remind you if your products start to run out

📚 Do you need to manage more than one business? Of course, you can!
Do you have more than one business? Or do you wish to differentiate business financial records and your personal records? BukuWarung is your solution! You can split the bookkeeping for your business without worrying about being messed up.

🧾 Small business with awesome receipt
You can have an awesome receipt for every business transaction. This receipt is ready to send through WhatsApp or print with your Bluetooth printer as a payment receipt.

🔒 All data is securely stored
All data recorded in BukuWarung are stored securely in our systems. So you can access it anytime and anywhere you need them. Just download the apps and log in to your account.

🧑‍💼 Fit to be used for all types of Small-Medium businesses and your side hustle
You can use BukuWarung for any kind of business, such as:
Grocery Store
Food stalls
Phone credit agents and PPOB
Distributors and Suppliers
Learning courses
Tourism agents
Building Material Store
Cars and Motorbike Rental
Boarding house
Any kind of rentals
Online Shop
Car workshop
Public Internet
Personal finance record

Move from manual business financial recording with papers and start using BukuWarung

To know more about BukuWarung follow our social media at:
Instagram: @bukuwarung_
Facebook: BukuWarung Indonesia
Twitter: @BukuWarung
Youtube: BukuWarung

Do you have some questions about BukuWarung? Please contact our support team.
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