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CARFAX Find Used Cars for Sale - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 21, 2021
Either there's no car around me at anytime for any brand, or your "Show me results" button is always disabled. I think it's the latter, which makes the app completely unusable.
Oct 19, 2021
The mapper function returned a null value. That's the message I get when I try to create an account.
Oct 8, 2021
App keeps crashing
Evrytime I attempt to search for a car, the app crashes.
Oct 8, 2021
Wrongfully reporting an accident on my vehicle
I'm in the middle of selling my car and it was brought to my attention that carfax is reporting an accident on my car. My vehicle has never been in an accident. This blemish is hindering the sale of my vehicle, the buyer is backing out due to the inaccuracies of Carfax. I have reached out to carfax via their guidelines online for almost a week now. I have not received any Correspondence. The customer service for this company is horrible and for them to not have a customer service number that goes to show they are not in the business of dealing with discrepancies caused by them. Has this happen to anyone else? Do we need to contact counsel and start a class action law suit? Alfonso Ron
Oct 7, 2021
Missing a feature
I love the app on mobile but it's missing the dealership reviews section on the app. If it had this feature it would be a five star.
Oct 5, 2021
My report was never emailed and support never reached out to me.
Oct 4, 2021
This app is always down not any result and website is the same fail. the servers do not work and there is no result in the searches.almost two months that the app does not work.
Oct 4, 2021
Not able to download window sticker, frequently switching to external browser instead of staying in app, repurchase report doesn't work
Sep 26, 2021
New update broke app
Was my go to app for looking for a car to purchase. Unfortunately the new update causes the the app to crash in the car search screen. Will have to find somewhere else to shop now :/
CARFAX Find Used Cars for Sale - Product Description
New from CARFAX: Search millions of used cars for sale from over 28,000 used car dealers nationwide! CARFAX – Find Used Cars for Sale can help you shop for a great used car. Plus, every car listed comes with a FREE CARFAX Vehicle History Report.

If you’re ready to find your next used car CARFAX has tools to help you find a great one!

The FREE CARFAX – Find Used Cars for Sale app can help you find a great used minivan, SUV, truck, or sedan near you. This NEW FREE app gives you the power to shop for 1-Owner, Well-Maintained used cars and can help you avoid cars with accidents reported to CARFAX.

You can:

- Shop millions of used and certified pre-owned cars for sale on CARFAX!
- Use powerful search features to help you find the right car at the right price!
- Get FREE CARFAX Vehicle History Reports with every used car listed for sale! 
- Quickly save and compare your favorite cars and view your recent searches.

How we help:

- Accidents and service reported to CARFAX: Get lots of details to help you shop.
- 82% of CARFAX customers surveyed said they would recommend CARFAX to a friend.

If you need to run a CARFAX Vehicle History Report, this app makes it easy. Just enter the car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) or license plate to get the CARFAX Vehicle History reports you need. Get CARFAX Reports with an in app purchase.*

The power of CARFAX is now in the palm of your hands…Start your search now!

Note: Shop for Used Cars feature is not available in Canada.

By downloading the CARFAX mobile app published by CARFAX, Inc., you consent to the installation of this app and to its future updates and upgrades.  You may withdraw consent at any time by uninstalling the app.  You acknowledge and agree that this app (including any updates or upgrades) may (i) cause your device to automatically communicate with CARFAX’s servers to deliver functionality described here and to record usage metrics, (ii) affect app-related preferences or data stored in your device, and (iii) collect information, as set out in our privacy statement.  To learn more, please contact us at Carfax, Inc., 5860 Trinity Parkway, Suite 600, Centreville VA 20120.

"I must have researched 200-300 used Volvos to buy within 100 miles of our home (wife wanted another Volvo). Without the use of Carfax or a similar service, we would not have been able to know the entire history of the cars we researched. I was amazed at all the information they provide on each vehicle. We ended up getting a great used car at a great price!"

— Gordon Waite

"Carfax Used Car Listings saved me time. If I find a car that I really like, and then I can't get it because the Carfax doesn't meet the criteria that I want, it saves me from having to waste time now starting my search again back at the beginning. You know instead you'll just have a pool right there of what works."

— Susan P.

"Well first off, Carfax cuts down greatly on all my frustrations because it gives me the pool of cars that I would really think about. Versus a much larger pool that I still have to sort through once I get some of the parameters down. Definitely a time reduction."
— Lisa K.

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- 1 report = $39.99
- 3 reports = $59.99
- 6 reports = $99.99
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