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Femometer Period Tracker - Latest Quality Issues
Aug 16, 2022
Downloaded 🤨 but can not figure out.Time does not coincide the code of some need.Explain the reap
Aug 12, 2022
How do I cancel my subscription? I just downloaded and do not have this option in my play store!! It is not in the signatures, how to proceed? I downloaded today day 12/08 it only starts counting from tomorrow day 13/08? Pq so far has nothing in my subscriptions for me to cancel! I await reply!
Aug 11, 2022
The "intelligent" test reading is garbage. It's a clunky app that doesn't read tests correctly, all photos end up blurry even after cleaning the lens on my phone and propping it on a still object on a countertop. I even tried a tripod. A ton of grammer is incorrect and the spacing of text is off too. The help topics take you to an Instagram account. Very official. This app looks like a cash grab and it has been pretty useless the short time I had it. 0 stars.
Aug 3, 2022
Now I'm writing it here because I don't know how to contact support. Everything always went well, but suddenly I can no longer log my period. Every time I try to enter them, "Save failed" comes up. Otherwise, everything can be entered as usual.
Aug 2, 2022
I was loving the app especially the detail provided when logging info and checking it against the probability of being fertile. For some reason that info has just been wiped from my app and I have no idea why. Also when I try to add info it keeps saying, save failed.
Aug 1, 2022
The latest update measures ovulation strips poorly, every day it puts the same percentage and when before that percentage was high level of conception, now it says it is low
Jul 31, 2022
16.07.2021: A good app, but 2 star deduction, because I can not restore my subscription with a new phone and the support does not respond. Now I paid 30€ for free for one year. Update: wanted to redeem points for a 14-day prime, but the code doesn't work. It then says that the code has already been redeemed.
Jul 31, 2022
I switched phones and lost everything I found no option to save everything, I'm super disappointed lousy, another that I have passed all this nothing
Jul 30, 2022
only complaint is you miss out a lot of you are not paying the subscription
Femometer Period Tracker - Product Description
Take control of your unique menstrual cycle with Femometer, the smartest fertility tracker. Know your body, know you. 
Femometer is a smart period tracker and ovulation calendar that understands your unique cycle and is able to accurately predict your fertile window, pinpoint your ovulation. 
Auto recognizes LH and HCG test results. Daily advice for conception and ovulation prediction created by machine learning algorithms that learn from your data. All data can be exported into PDF files for professionals.
Prenatal tests, BBT, weight logging for a mother-to-be, and fundal height logging for an unborn baby means we can accompany your every step. Let's be more healthy & fitness!

Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar & Fertility Calculator
- Log cycle symptoms, periods and learn about your unique cycle to manage your fertility
- Record BBT (basal body temperature), LH tests, and CM (cervical mucus). Intelligently recognizes your LH & HCG (pregnancy) test results. See your fertile days easily and predict your ovulation accurately.
- Log BBT and weight of mother-to-be, spot abnormal symptoms quickly. Record prenatal tests, fetal movements, and contractions to track the baby’s daily health
- Export your data in PDF files and share them with professionals.
- Log 200+ symptoms, from fertility to lifestyle and health. Professional female health tracker.

Fertility Calendar & Graphs & Curves
- Check your fertility calendar, easily identify your cycle phases and predictions. Manage your fertility like a pro.
- Auto-generated BBT curves and LH curves. Easily recognize the different phases of your cycle and spot subtle differences. Capture your peak results to conceive or predict the next ovulation.
- Auto-generate BBT Curve during pregnancy to observe your pregnancy and to prevent potential miscarriage
- Optimize curves with machine learning algorithms to complete missing data, making it easier to interpret.
- Compare your curve to curves in our database, easily detect pregnancy, luteal deficiency, PCOS, miscarriage, etc.

Fertility Insights
- Current & Previous Cycle Interpretation: Analysis of BBT curves, LH, CM, and ovulation symptoms. Predict ovulation and reveal the conception rate to help manage fertility with precision.
- Conception Guidance & Prediction: Daily conception advice. Get pregnant easily and spot pregnancy early
- Behavioral Scoring: Correct tracking behavior leads to accurate ovulation prediction, increasing the chances of pregnancy, and increasing fertility management effectiveness.
- Statistics Analysis: Reveal the patterns of your cycle symptoms, compare and analyze data in multiple ways, gain better insights into your fertility

Health Tips, Fertility Courses & User Community
- Scientific and structured fertility courses & daily health tips from professionals to help you manage your fertility

This application is intended for general informational purposes and should not be used or relied on for any prevention, diagnostic or treatment purposes. The medical information on the application is provided as an educational resource only and is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, and treatment. The company does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any content, whether provided by us or by the third party. Always seek the advice of a physician before making any healthcare decisions.

Subscription Policy
- Plans: $9.99 Monthly, $19.99 Quarterly, $49.99 Yearly
- Payment: Payment will be charged to your Apple account on confirmation of purchase
- Cancellation: Manage at your Apple Account Settings
- Renewal: Account will be charged for renewal 24-hours before the end of the current period

- Femometer Privacy: https://s.bongmi.cn/miscs/femometer-app/en/privacy.html
- Femometer Service: https://s.bongmi.cn/miscs/femometer-app/en/service.html

The Femometer integrates with Apple Health App so you can sync your data (requires iOS 9 and above). Femometer also supports Face ID for security.
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