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GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 26, 2021
Very slow. Traffic loads more than a minute.
Oct 25, 2021
Received way too many text that all turned out to be spam.
Oct 24, 2021
Very weak, what kind of map application does not let you see from a man's perspective
Oct 23, 2021
It doesn't work. One advert
Oct 23, 2021
Oct 23, 2021
After I installed, I could not proceed with so many advertisements and various requests for app installation. I gave up and uninstalled it. I don't even know how it works. Better Google Maps even. Disappointing!
Oct 22, 2021
What a nightmare app!!! Difficult to find where to enter destination address. Once that is done app does not show estimated journey time. Only reason I am using this app (will delete it soon) is for offline maps as I don't have Internet due to excessive roaming charges).
Oct 22, 2021
Downloading the map that waits 10p is still cbj please wait. The best of all apps
Oct 22, 2021
Spoiled the day, GPS does not work
GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions - Product Description
Find shortest routes and directions to any destination in the world using GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions app.

It’s never easy to get to the desired destination fast and easy. Without the right Driving Directions it can be very easy to get lost in the city, which is why GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions app is here to help you. This app provide you Live Maps, Voice Navigation, Traffic Alerts, accurate Driving Directions needed to reach your destination.

Comprehensive Driving Directions, Voice Navigation:
If you want to use GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions while driving you can totally do that. You can obtain Driving Directions with simple voice commands using GPS Voice Navigation feature. Voice Navigation will help you to find any shortest driving directions with simple voice commands. 

GPS Navigation:
With GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions comes you can easily see where you are located and how to reach desired location by using GPS Navigation on Map. Live Street View Navigation Map will help you to find Street Views to easily understand your current location. Satellite Earth view is best to explore new famous places & draw routes on Map with travel information, safe & fastest route. Real-time GPS transit map is best journey assistance, free navigation and GPS direction maps. 

Traffic Alerts: Learn the Traffic conditions.
Before you leaving your current location its better to understand traffic around you so that you can reach your destination on time in shortest route. Traffic alerts will help you to understand live traffic conditions around your current location.

Near By Places: 
With the help of GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions app you can explore various neighborly places on Map like Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Pubs, Clubs, Fuel Stations, Airports, Public Transport, Schools, Theaters, Temples, Church and many more. You can also see neighborly place and their Comments, User Ratings and location details.
Travel History or Mobile Location History:
With help from GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions you can also see your Travel History and Mobile Location History on regular basis. You get to see what place you have explored.

Digital Compass:
Digital Compass can be accessed on your Maps, Camera and Satellite Maps to have clear view on Directions of GPS. 

Live 3D Maps:
GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions gives you stunning 3D maps and live maps using Maps that you can see right away. 3D Maps will help you to track your exact location around your near by place so that you can track your current location on 3D Maps with pinpoint accuracy. 3D Maps are always a great option to view any location in 3D view. 

Street View:
Since GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions app gives you access to Maps, you also get to see Street View. This way you get to connect with your local area before visiting it. You get a feel for that place and you can access it as well as enjoy it as you see it. Street View is amazing when you want to see un visited locations right from your phone.

Share your location 
Be it for safety purposes or not, you can easily share your location with others using GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions app. This way people will know where you are and they will come to you as fast as possible.

* GPS Navigation
* Voice Navigation
* Driving Directions
* Live Maps
* Digital Compass
* Traffic Alerts
* Street View, 3D Maps.
* Near By Places.

With help from GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions  app you finally get to find routes and directions in any city. You won’t ever get lost again, as GPS, Maps, Voice Navigation & Directions has live maps, 3D maps and routes to any location.

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