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GSN Casino: Slot Machine Games - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 19, 2021
Aquarium treasures
Now try to say that this nickname is taken... this game has really going downhill. You have made it obvious that it is fixed. Very disappointed at the fact that this was always a favorite. The spinning of the reels at an unusual pace makes it very obvious that it is being controlled. After I gave last most of my tokens I just don't want this to happen to anyone else.😩I cant believe you can honestly take 200,000 points without giving anything back. Worse site yet. Please post this so others don't waste their time.This site is the worst. I have tried multiple games and they're all the same. They take all your points. Came back after one year but no change. I'm done. American Buffalo is the worst by far. Do you realize how many points you have taken without giving anything.? I will use my points then delete these games a waste of my time. No fun. I have found another game that lets you win a little. 9-6-21. Started playing other games. Disappointed by the payouts. I did this before when I had millions in coins and lost it all. As soon as my coins are gone this time I believe I will delete this app. More payouts elsewhere.time What a rip off. I tried your new game and it is totally bogus. I'm glad I'm done with you and your so called great games. You are only in it for yourselves not for enjoyment. I do think I'll have to post it on my Facebook acct for everyone to see
Oct 19, 2021
It has become very hard to bingo. I have lost almost all of the games since Sunday. Not liking it that much anymore. Have used over half my tokens. Can't win any more. Every game is the same. Not winning on any of them. 12/10/15. 9/30/16 The millionaire game is a joke. It does not work. 10/06/2017 Not happy with GSN. Am not getting the bonuses and the game has become very slow to respond when playing bingo. Can't win on any game. It gets worse every time I play. When my tokens are gone, so am I.
Oct 19, 2021
Not happy
I have played this for about 3 years but 2 days ago it will not allow me to sign in unless I sign into Facebook. I do not like the idea of being connected thru Facebook. If I want to go public I will chose the post what I want not what GSN may want. I would like to be contacted and allowed to sign on as I use to. Never play Golden Fireworks when required by during the Challenge Play. When playing for “free play” you will never get a free play. All this does is deplete you account.
Oct 19, 2021
Lucky pins
I had over 200 lucky pins saved up including the gold pins and when I went to retrieve them, nothin but DUDS.. What a rip off Players out there.. do not waste your money, Go download Lotsa slots. Their adds pays in the millions and even hundreds of millions. Unlike GSN their adds if you hit no deal to 1000 , you get 450. That's a big fat joke
Oct 18, 2021
Casino game
Good game 👍Only game that gives more play time. Sun and Moon another favorite game very little play time, no bonus but I keep trying for 5 Sun and Moons maybe someday! Not enough wins please make some changes. Thank You having some fun now. GSN games not enough wins need help! Sun and Moon game taking some time off! This Game has changed and also The Sun and Moon no fun time anymore, have a Good Day! GSN and Sun and Moon games my favorites but not enough wins to keep playing, GSN and Sun and Moon still waiting for some wins to keep playing. Not having a Good Day with the GSN and Sun and Moon Games still waiting. Having fun, hope it last! The Fun has stopped hope it returns! I need some play time on Sun and Moon! Not Happy No Wins! Waiting for some wins please! I was hoping for some fun playing Sun and Moon and GSN maybe soon? Like playing Sun and Moon and GSN games but wonder why so little wins! GSN one of my favorite games to play but never enough play time! My favorite two games to play but not many wins hope things change for the Better Sun And Moon and GSN. Sun and Moon still on vacation see you later! Thank You GSN player. Sun and Moon still on vacation, need help please. What is wrong with the GSN and Sun and Moon games? Need some help please! Very few wins again on GSN and Sun and Moon so disappointing! Waiting for Sun and Moon for some wins running out of credits! Need Help with the Sun And Moon Game credits are very low and waiting for a surprise Win!! What is wrong with Sun And Moon, no wins anymore! GSN no fun anymore! Christmas vacation started early for Sun and Moon and GSN maybe a surprise gift!! Hope it comes soon, a surprise win! Maybe 2021 will be a better year for The Sun and Moon Game And GSN games tired of No Wins! Need Help! No winners as of 1/2/2021! Need some wins no fun again! Sun and Moon and GSN games are still on no win vacation! Get a Bonus Bonus complete no wins GSN and Sun and Moon wake up! What is going on with The Sun and Moon game and with GSN? NO FUN AGAIN. Hope to have just a few wins to play a little longer! No Fun Again with Sun and Moon !! Had some fun with Sun And Moon for a few days only waiting for the Sun And Moon to Reappear! Sun and Moon game stinks! But I hope not for long. Waiting for Sun and Moon to come back from Vacation! Is there a problem with the Sun and Moon Game? Sun and Moon one of my favorite games to play, very few wins again and free spins are gone waiting for a turn around ! Thank You for some fun time. Fun Time with Sun and Moon taking a long break no wins again! No Wins Again With Sun And Moon, my Favorite Game! Had some fun for awhile with Sun and Moon and GSN game but the fun and credits have disappeared hope the fun Returns! Had some Fun with Sun and Moon and GSN game but again the fun has Disappeared!! Hope Not For Long! Thank You. Sun and Moon has Disappeared what a Disappointment! Sun And Moon on vacation Again ? No wins again with Sun and Moon asking Why they have disappeared ? Waiting for the Sun And Moon to reappear! Have a Good Day! Good Buy Sun and Moon! Need more Sun and Moon from left to right! Thank you for my fun time! Fun Time again not lasting very long! Not enough Sun and Moon again for good wins! Need some help with Sun and Moon to continue playing, thank you. Waiting for some help and wins! See you later Sun And Moon no fun anymore! Thank You for taking all of my credits and No Wins!!! Need a few or a lot of Sun and Moon traveling from left to right! Please! Thank You for some Fun Time with Sun and Moon! I spoke to Soon! No more Sun and Moon from left to right no 50 games no Fun Anymore! Repeat not enough Sun and Moon from left to right all the fun is Gone all the credits gone Have A Nice Day! No Wins And No Credits! Having Fun with GSN game hope it last, Sun and Moon giving me a Problem hope not for long! Having Fun with GSN game a Big Problem with Sun and Moon Again! GSN always a lot of Fun, Sun and Moon Heart of No Fun always no Wins and NO Fun Time! Need a lot of help with Sun and Moon going from Left to Right!
Oct 17, 2021
I was very disappointed to find the overall tokens for the Americana quest was dependent on the spin of the wheel after you received the 10 points. Your advertising was not completely honest You are not getting 16 million for sure. You must get the top amount each time you spin. Not honest advertising.
Oct 17, 2021
Too bad, steals too much took me ( 905) thousand tokens mine in the game ( buffalo slots) and gave a bonus and paid nothing, you increase the bets and do not pay anything even and not bonus does not come, just for you to buy credits from them afft.. it's not worth you buy credits on that no..!!!! UNINSTALLING!!!!!
Oct 17, 2021
When playing Bingo in this app. Take it from the likes of "Moses". A man whom our Maker gave an uncanny way to verify his first tread on this world. Which the Almighty giveth the name of "Adam". BONUS BINGOS ONLY RENDER A STANDARD PAYOUT!!! The shame is I cannot expose our Makers endorsement of my identity. Al
Oct 17, 2021
No wins
Ponzi app I have updated and still can't get any wins 100 spins and no wins today this morning no wins today 50 spins on wins- I played these games on 5 different devices and get the same spins no wins Ponzi app
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