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Tile - Find lost keys & phone - Latest Quality Issues
May 22, 2023
It keeps turning off my Bluetooth every 5 minutes. Which is quite annoying when I am listening to music. I guess it's got my Bluetooth status backwards and it thinks it's turning it on .
May 23, 2023
Not impressed so far
Literally just looked at my device sitting right next to it and I can't locate it
May 24, 2023
Half the time it doesn’t work
It takes forever for my tile to ring. If I leave the location on all the time it burns through my data. You'd need unlimited. And the. Sometimes the tile rings for like a second then stops and I keep having to “find” it then it says it's lost!! SMH
May 24, 2023
Was subscribed to the free battery deal it's been 3 years no battery's now they changed policy good riddance
May 25, 2023
Unable to connect
Don't waist your money. Always said unable to connect. I followed the instructions: always connected with bluetooh, allowed location, background on etc. This is a mess up devices. I think they are forcing you to pay them a plan.
May 28, 2023
No sound
Why is there a speaker icon ? It does nothing
May 29, 2023
It is so annoying
When I want to use my tile, it takes me to buy something. I think I will give up on tile entirely.
May 30, 2023
So frustrated with my tiles
I have many tiles and none of them are playing cricket!! My tile rarely connects with my phone when I double tap it (I just get the wah-waahh noise of disconnect), I get notifications that I left a location without x item (when the item left the house with my husband HOURS earlier), and the MOST IMPORTANT item I need tracked doesn't show on the map, gives me ‘notify when found' out of range notices and tells me Ive left the region without it when it's sitting next to me. DO BETTER Tile!!!!
May 30, 2023
Only works inconsistently
I thought I'd would be a good solution since I often misplace my keys; but the tile only works to ring my phone about 30% of the time
Tile - Find lost keys & phone - Product Description
Find everything that matters to you, with Tile. Our Bluetooth-enabled devices and handy app make everything findable.  Tile helps you locate everyday essentials during your daily routine, removing little inconveniences, and helping you stay organized so you can do your best and focus on what matters.

*Ring your things
Use the Tile app to ring your Tile if it's nearby. Just tap the ‘Find’ button. 

*Find your phone
Double press the Tile button on your Tile to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent. 

*See it on a map
When your Tile is not nearby, you'll see the last time and place it was updated on a map so you can retrace your steps.

*Use community find
If your Tile is truly lost, select “Notify When Found.” When any user in Tile’s global network comes within range of your missing item, theTile app will notify you about its most recent location.

*Ask Your Smart Home
The easiest way to find is by using your voice. Set up Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri to find with Tile.

* The app utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with your Tiles. The maximum range is up to 400 ft with Tile Pro 2020.
* The app utilizes Location Services to record the last known location of your Tiles, based on your phone’s geolocation data.
* Continued use of GPS or Bluetooth running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
*  Requires purchase of Tile-enabled device, Tile account registration, acceptance of Tile’s Terms of Service and acknowledgment of Tile’s Privacy Policy.  For more details go to tile.com.

*  By installing this app, you consent to its installation and the installation of updates or upgrades released through the platform.  You can turn off automatic updates through your device settings, but if you do not update your app, you may experience reduced functionality.  Some updates may change the way we record data or change data stored on your device.  Any changes will be consistent with Tile’s Privacy Policy.  You can withdraw your consent at any time by removing or disabling your app.

Tile Premium:

Upgrade to Tile Premium for personalized finding power and exclusive services. Tile Premium offers an enhanced finding experience with exclusive features like Smart Alerts, 30-Day Location History and Unlimited Sharing. All users are eligible for a free one-month trial. Afterwards, Premium is available for a monthly or annual subscription ($2.99/month or $29.99/year). 

●	You can subscribe monthly or annually.
●	After your one-month free trial (new customers only), payment will be charged to your iTunes account.  Your free trial will end, and your iTunes account will be charged, 30 days after you sign up for Tile Premium.
●	Your subscription will automatically renew and your iTunes account will be charged at the subscription frequency you choose unless you decide to cancel at least 24 hours prior to your renewal date.  You may cancel at any time by visiting [insert url to FAQ].
●	 Requires installation of the Tile application, ownership of a Tile-enabled device, Tile account registration, acceptance of Tile’s Terms of Service and acknowledgment of Tile’s Privacy Policy.  For more details go to tile.com.
●	Tax will be added based on billing postal code.
●	Additional important conditions, terms and limitations included in the Tile Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  Please review and agree prior to purchase.

●	For EU, Russia and Turkey:  The performance of your digital subscription content will begin immediately after purchase and therefore the right to withdraw will not apply.
●	For Japan:  No refunds or exchanges for convenience are permitted.  
●	For Korea and Quebec:  Residents of Korea and Quebec’ first subscription fee will be charged in 30 days instead of a free trial.

Terms of service: https://www.thetileapp.com/en-us/terms-of-service
Privacy policy: https://www.thetileapp.com/en-us/privacy-policy
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