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Zenith Bank eaZymoney - Latest Quality Issues
Jan 27, 2023
Me am having problem with registering the device Am new I don't understand their pin and token Have been putting in my pin and otp is still saying not found 😔
Jan 27, 2023
Worst customer service in the World and history of any business. 7 hours and counting after sending several messages on different platforms, still no reply.
Jan 27, 2023
Unable to pay the DStv bill
Whenever I try to recharge my DStv.. it says daily limit exceeded. Since the past 4 days. I k is that my daily limit is much higher. Pleas help sort this issue
Jan 28, 2023
I don’t like the app
I do not like the app got debited last night even tho the transaction wasn't successful and the iwas done more than 3 times
Jan 28, 2023
I came here for an upgrade or something because my app has refused to open,me thinking that it was probably because I haven't upgraded it or something. why does it refuse to open sometimes with no particular issue with my network? It is becoming embarrassing and annoying
Jan 28, 2023
App crashes when I paste account details
When I paste account details copied from anywhere, the app crashes each time it's really annoying because I have to open the app again so I either have to try pasting a second time or I have to write out the number which is really really retarded because I am using a freaking smartphone with copy and paste functionality. It does not make sense. Please fix your app. FYI this does not happen with androids
Jan 28, 2023
the app is not working for me again since last year till now it always say warning user account not found,
Jan 28, 2023
The mb needed to download app is not really necessary, it just too much!!!!
Jan 28, 2023
There is no customer care contact in the app all in all if u their is no customer care contact in case and the network is supper slow
Zenith Bank eaZymoney - Product Description
Make your life experiences simpler and stay in control with Zenith Mobile Banking app. 

Manage your finances; make card settlements, transfer funds and make payments using QR (Quick Response codes). 

How do I Register?

To register, simply download the app and select any of the three (3) registration options
1. With Hardware Token 
a)	Enter Account number and Continue 
b)	Click Hardware Token 
c)	Enter the Token from the device and Token PIN 
•	Create and confirm Password (six digits) 
•	Create and confirm Mobile PIN (four digits) 
•	Click on Submit (Operation Successful) 
d)	The user is required to enter Account Number and Password to log on. 
 2. With Card 
a)	Enters Account Number and Continue 
b)	Select Card 
c)	Enter the Last Six Digits of the Card and Card Pin 
•	Create and Confirm Password (six digits) 
•	Create and Confirm Mobile PIN (four digits) 
•	Clicks on Submit (Operation Successful) 
d)	The user is required to enter Account Number and Password to log on to the App. 
3. With OTP 
a)	Request OTP and Continue 
•	Create and Confirm Password (six digits) 
•	Create and Confirm Mobile PIN (four digits) 
•	Click on Submit (Operation Successful) 
•	Enter the OTP receive via SMS to the registered Alertz number. 
b)	The user is required to enter Account Number and Password to log on to the App. 

•	Registration is one time
•	To Add New Device, user should simply login with Account Number and Password, System will prompt for Device Registration. 
•	Customer can authorize with Token or Card Details. 
•	Users can add up to 3 Devices.
Some features of Zenith Mobile Banking are:
a)	Overview: view all accounts (current, savings, fixed deposit, Domiciliary etc.)
•	Account balance 
•	Account History
•	Search
b)	Transfers 	
•	Transfer History
•	Own Account Transfer
•	Zenith account Transfer
•	Other Banks Transfer
•	Foreign Transfer
•	Open Account for Beneficiary
c)	Data Bundles
d)	Airtime Recharge
e)	Bills payment
•	Zenith Billers
•	Quickteller Merchants
f)	QR Payments
g)	Scheduled Payments
•	Transfers
•	Airtime Payment
•	Bills Payment
h)	Cards
•	Card Settlement
•	Activate / Deactivate Card
•	       Card Dispense Manager
i)	Cheques
•	Request Cheque Book 
•	Confirm Cheque
•	Stop Cheque
•	Verify Cheque Status
•	Bank Draft
j)	Travel and Leisure
•	Travelstart
•	Dubai Visa
k)	Bank Services
•	My Bank Statement
l)	Message *These are messages sent to the customer by the bank*
m)	Settings
•	Manage Beneficiaries
•	Customize eaZylinks
•	Change Authorization
•	Change Password
•	Change PIN
•	Reset PIN
•	Transfer Limits
•	Hide Account
•	Show Account
•	My Devices
•	My BVN
•	Update KYC
n)	Zenith Near Me
o)	Sign Out
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