How Your unitQ Score is Calculated
We aggregate public user feedback related to product quality issues from across the most popular consumer channels, like App Store reviews, Google Play Store reviews, and social media. Your unitQ Score isn’t just based on star ratings or points. We use proprietary machine learning models to filter out the noise and focus only on feedback related to product quality and bugs, and then determine the sentiment behind that feedback.
The Scoring Methodology

unitQ Scores are updated once per month for each brand, and are based on a minimum of 1,000 public reviews from the last 30 days across every channel we monitor. Using our proprietary algorithm, we then normalize the data to provide a unitQ Score between 0 and 100 (The score is the share of total feedback related to quality issues). Since our machine learning models understand more than 100 languages, your unitQ Score is truly a global view of your product’s quality.

What Your unitQ Score Means

Your unitQ Score is relative to that of every other brand we track, but it’s also an indicator of the positive versus negative quality reviews users are making about your brand specifically. A unitQ Score closer to 100 indicates a brand has less quality issues overall, and fewer critical issues, than other brands. Scores can be interpreted as follows:

95+ Epic: Best in class product quality capabilities.

85 - 95 Good: Strong quality efforts but need further optimization.

70 - 85 Fair: Reactive quality efforts with room for improvement.

< 70 Poor: Product quality is a weak spot and users are noticing.