profile-icon  By Christian Wiklund
calendar  Sep 15, 2022

Learn how to turn customer insights into better products at our Quality Community event

We are passionate about helping organizations build exceptional products and experiences based on actionable insights from customer feedback. This feedback data is the best resource to help teams prioritize and execute fixes more effectively, and to bridge the gap between an organization’s current UX and their users’ evolving expectations. 

It’s an obvious business principle — that successful companies must focus constantly on improving the customer experience by leveraging user feedback. But practicing this principle, until now, has been much easier said than done. 

That’s why we built unitQ — an AI-based platform that is able to take your users’ qualitative feedback and automatically consolidate, translate, and categorize it into real-time data that is actionable and measurable

Come to the unitQ inaugural Quality Community event

We have gained so much traction in our movement to arm organizations with a comprehensive understanding of what features customers enjoy, what they find hard to use, and what bugs should be prioritized or addressed in long-term roadmap strategies. Yet we want to expand the product quality movement even more, and that’s why we are debuting our inaugural Quality Community event

Executives from Pinterest, Upwork and DailyPay will demonstrate how they transform user feedback into actionable insights to strengthen their brand’s position and reputation in the marketplace. 

Our panelists for this online, interactive event include Vani Kumar, Head of Quality at Pinterest; Todd Ranson, Sr. Director of Customer 360° at Upwork; and Darlene Miranda, VP of Product Management, UX Design and Research at DailyPay.

The never-ending product quality journey

I’ll help moderate this first-in-a-series of Quality Community events that unitQ will continually host. And I’m excited to take the stage with Vani, Todd and Darlene as we discuss how organizations can become even more successful by blending user feedback with unitQ supervised machine learning and our growing artificial intelligence platform.  

Register now for the free, interactive Quality Community event that begins at 10am PDT on Oct. 6, 2022.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Christian Wiklund is unitQ CEO and Founder.