profile-icon  By Kent Martin
calendar  Aug 2, 2022

Connecting unitQ to innovation and business outcomes at CXFS and NGCX

The unitQ squad was just in Boston, showcasing our platform to senior level customer experience executives at CXFS & NGCX 2022. The conference centers on the latest in CX design, innovation, culture and strategy, and close to 300 attended the show. Our team was super pleased by the high level of interest in unitQ that we saw from attendees.  

Attendees came from across industries: fintech, insurance, hospitality and retail. Despite these different backgrounds, they all had the same end goals — to discover the best ways to optimize CX and keep their clients satisfied, as well as to win new business.  

Enter unitQ 

In a report provided by the host organization, WBR (Worldwide Business Research), 72% of executive attendees indicated that they are looking to invest in solutions focused on “Customer Feedback, Surveys, Voice of Customer, and Customer Insights.” This signals that CX leaders are waking up to the fact that a solution like unitQ is essential for maintaining a competitive advantage. 

This is precisely where unitQ has been chosen by the fastest growing brands as a crucial component of their CX strategy. With unitQ, organizations get a centralized, searchable repository for user feedback. We use AI to bucket feedback into granular categories and quantify trends over time. Our platform helps you detect urgent quality issues and prioritize product improvements that increase product quality and inform product roadmaps.

Thanks for all the great conversations our team had with those we met at CXFS & NGCX.

unitQ is an AI-powered platform that extracts data-driven insights from our customers’ user base to enable organizations to stay on top of roadmaps and product quality issues like bugs across all platforms, languages, and regions. Request a demo today!

Kent Martin is unitQ senior manager, digital and event marketing.