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Auto Club App - Latest Quality Issues
May 30, 2024
Not updated
Although I love the app for general account information, it is not always updated. For instance, payment management changes that I make over the phone are not reflected on the app.
Jun 1, 2024
The billing and payment part is hard to navigate.
Jun 1, 2024
SLOWEST loading app ever; BLOATED as well
Please get some competent software engineers to write your code to make it load in a reasonable time and make it a reasonable size.
Jun 1, 2024
App Shows “Loading” Constantly Since Latest Update
Home Screen does not come up since the latest update on my iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 17.5.1.
Jun 4, 2024
Not very intuitive
It can get complex when you have an emergency and have to navigate to a not very intuitive design.
Jun 6, 2024
Useless app
Everytime I get on the app it won't load anything, and when I go on your website, your websites always down! Horrible.
Jun 6, 2024
Easy to navigate except, most of the times it takes too long to download insurance information.
Jun 8, 2024
Poor & Disconnected Experience
Out of all my apps between Credit Karma, Capital One, and Wells Fargo, AAA app is quite a bumpy and disconnected experience. Services are separated and don't recognize who you are, or have completely different experiences. Trying to add a new member was difficult. If I'm requesting a Life insurance quote in the app, would I really want a call from a live person? No! But didn't know until after I completed the form. The entire look and feel is out dated. This app is due for a completely new experience where all services are integrated and look/feel the same to a user. This is AAA, a big company. Feel free to reach out to me on specifics.
Jun 14, 2024
Terrible Service.
Unfortunately the quality of this company service has declined in recent years, it is not worth paying for promises that they will send you help when your car breaks down and you have to go through the nightmare of no one coming to help you.
Auto Club App - Product Description
Auto Club Mobile improves on-the-go access to trusted Auto Club services including membership, insurance, travel, and roadside assistance. This mobile version also shows members Cheapest Gas, and Branch offices nearby.

AAA Clubs currently supported in this app:
• Automobile Club of Southern California
• AAA Alabama
• AAA East Central
• AAA Hawaii
• Automobile Club of Missouri
• AAA New Mexico
• AAA Northeast 
• AAA Northern New England 
• AAA Texas
• AAA Tidewater Virginia
• AAA Washington


* View insurance policies^ and membership details
* Pay bills for insurance^ and membership
* Request Roadside assistance
* Book hotel, flight, or rental car
* Access to Trip Planner 
* Find cheapest gas prices near you
* Find member branch offices 
* Get traffic and road conditions for frequent commutes
* Get an insurance quote for auto, home and other products^
* Get instant battery replacement quotes^
* Find Approved Auto Repair facilities

^not available in all areas
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