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Baby Panda World - BabyBus - Latest Quality Issues
Sep 19, 2023
Can you tell me how to change the language of the game? Some of the captions for the game are in English, and some are in Russian. I would like to change everything to English or Ukrainian
Sep 20, 2023
The game is good but it's a bit of an error if there are still clothes if someone dies1 who can walk healthy and keisha even cheers kie agi oh God if yes then we no one dies1 in this world which was just right for those of you who want to find key information on the test answer that is on the road healthy general health tips that we can see here yes gan d yes e what you can do every Sunday is the same date as we see from the purji group into house 2 that can
Sep 21, 2023
The game has no sound, no corresponding
Buy 128 members, and then many games either have no sound or no response. It's an iPad...
Sep 21, 2023
It is not a good game because it said to paid money🤑. My suggestion is to don't play with only this game-(Baby panda world ) but you can play with other baby bus single use app. #🇮🇳Thanks🇮🇳##
Sep 22, 2023
There are so many games, I really like the game, but please fix it again, because the game likes not to be played today, I can't play because I can't enter the game, I give you 4 ajah please fix it again, yes
Sep 22, 2023
It's not clear when you want to enter you can't
Sep 23, 2023
Sometimes you can't choose another game so you get bored
Sep 24, 2023
Hi, this is really cool game but the problem is my storage are running up low if you fix this i would littery gave this an 5 STARS! Pleasd fix this right away
Sep 24, 2023
The game is very good, but it is often scrambled to do it after playing, 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 oh my god
Baby Panda World - BabyBus - Product Description
In BabyBus World, there will be new levels each week for you to explore!

Welcome to Baby Panda World. 
Here, you can make food, run your own food store, become a fashion designer, go on an adventure with dinosaurs, and interact with them to create your own stories!

*Nursery Rhymes:《Baby Shark》is here!
Product Content:
*Spuer Panda Supermarket! 
Kiki is waiting for your help! Visit the Supermarket to buy Fruits and vegetables with them!
*Dinosaur Planet!
Dinosaur Planet presents brand new dinosaurs feed them and play with them. 
* Auto Repair Shop 
Little Panda's Auto Repair Shop is now open! 
* Baby Panda's Airplane
Come and embark on a flying adventure with our cute baby panda! 
* Music Party
The music party is starting now! Come and join us! Let's enjoy the exciting atmosphere! 
* Fruit Farm
Do you know how fruits and vegetables grow? Come to Super Panda's Fruit Farm, play games with fruits and vegetables and learn about them! 
* Earthquake Safety
Hurry up, let’s use earthquake safety tips to keep animals safe. 
* Summer Café
Ever dreamed to be a host of a Café? Ever Wanted to be a cook and make coffee, flower tea, yummy cakes and more dishes on your own!
* Ice Cream Shop
Summer is the most loved and hottest season. Friends really love ice cream, popsicles, smoothies... Ice Cream Shop is now open in a beautiful seaside resort. 
* Fashion Dress Up Game
Kiki's fashionable clothing store is now open for business!Choosing clothes: Dresses, T-shirts, hats, shoes... Which outfit would the customer like?
* Pet House Design
Super Panda has 6 pets: Rabbit, hippo, cow, chicken, octopus, and penguin, and he decides to design a house for each pet. Would you like to help Baby Panda and his pets? 
* Food Party Dress Up
Super Panda is not at home today, and the foods have decided to hold a dress-up party. Would you help dress up the foods? The foods will invite you to the dress-up party! 
* Train Captain!
Are you ready to drive your train together with Super Panda and begin your adventure? Let's set off! 
* Super Panda Captain!
It’s time to explore the sea! Follow Kiki, our little captain and see what we encounter out there.
* Super Panda  Dream Town
The new stores are opening up in Super Panda's Dream Town! 
* Fashion Flower DIY
Do you like flowers?  Then come to Super Panda's Fashion Flower Shop for flower-based products DIY! 
* Princess Makeup!
Come and run the princess makeup salon with Super panda!

Hey! There are all kinds of interesting stories in [Baby Panda World]. What are you waiting for? Download [Baby Panda World] and explore more mysteries of the underwater world and dinosaurs! 

- Select more fun games for your age! 
- 5 areas available for exploration: food, animal, career, painting and music! 
- Over 100 kinds of interactive games: dressing up the princess, doodling, desert adventure, underwater rescue and more for your choice! 
- More will be updated: all your needs will be satisfied here. Enjoy your stay in the world!!

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