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Bikemap - Cycling Map & GPS - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 21, 2021
Too bad, I had expected more especially at this price. For touring riders there is nothing at all, only road bike and mountain bike. When saving, the app often crashes and then price performance is no longer right. With Google Maps, navigating is also possible without the problems.
Oct 20, 2021
can't log me in with my desktop login, the map display also has a lot of room for improvement, so uninstalled right away. sorry
Oct 20, 2021
It is very weak, It shows the starting point at arox 7-800 m, it shows that I am in another part of the village
Oct 19, 2021
From surprise to surprise!
It is true that on the whole I have always arrived. On the other hand by following the routes of Bikemap I also took a lot of forbidden directions, found myself very often in private properties and unfortunately several times forced to turn around because facing an impassable barrier. In short, I regret that the itineraries often very cool at the start sometimes turn really bad! Sandrine.
Oct 19, 2021
I was about to purchase premium but you removed the yearly statistics. Now I can see only weekly or monthly. Why would you do that? Also my account shows no ride data when accessed via browser. The app also seems not to record elevation properly from time to time- 3 guys doing the same route together, all using bikemap , elevation results differ with 200-300 meters... Thus the 2 stars rating
Oct 18, 2021
Good but you can improve
Precise and with clear and detailed map, better than many other famous applications. Clear and unobtrusive voice instructions. However, there is always (as in the other apps tested) the option to avoid busy roads, maybe I do a few more half kilometers but away from cars. Reason why I didn't put 5 stars.
Oct 17, 2021
Badly programmed, gets stuck in all the wrong places, lost navigation several times over, requiring relaunch, stays on recording when I want the map. Maybe I got something wrong, but anyway not intuitive. I was ready to pay 80€ for lifetime subscription, but cancelled instead. Please don't give one of those meaningless comments that you're working on it. Just sort this thing out. UPDATE: other apps, you figure out immediately how to give location permission. Here, it's an endless chase.
Oct 17, 2021
app is unreliable / unusable
using the app to search for bike routes near me returns zero results -vs- searching the same GPS location on their website bikemap.net returns several (even with all filters turned off)
Oct 9, 2021
Apple Watch App Disappointing
Main app on the iPhone is great; however, the Apple Watch app completely shutdowns the Apple Watch or simply closes when attempting to save the current route or simply pausing the ride.
Bikemap - Cycling Map & GPS - Product Description
You love to discover, navigate and record new bike routes? No matter if you're riding a mountain bike, cross bike, e-bike or road bike - the free Bikemap app helps you navigate the latest and greatest cycling paths and inspires you with over 7 million routes worldwide - voice navigation included. Bikemap assists you on all of your cycling adventures!

All features at a glance:

• Navigate from A to B with stopovers
• Intelligent voice navigation — online and offline
• Offline Routes and Navigation: Save all routes and maps offline (Premium)
• Explore over 7 million cycling routes in over 100 countries
• Track your rides with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch
• Report obstacles and hazards like construction, potholes and slippery roads to help cyclists nearby
• A variety of map styles: Basic, 3D, OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap and Night Mode (Premium)
• Route optimization for road and mountain bikes (Premium)
• Find POIs in your area directly on the map (restrooms, bike rentals, workshops etc.)
• Get access to routes of more than 5 million Bikemap users
• Find the most popular cycling routes nearby



See important POIs like bicycle rentals, repair shops, charging stations for your e-bike and parking areas directly on the map.
Next to the actual navigation of your route, you can also see the current speed, distance and duration of your tour during your ride without having to use your phone. With just one additional tap, you get access to ascent, descent and altitude of your current ride.


Search for your destination and filter by length, bike and route type as well as sort by relevance, popularity, length and ascent to find the perfect route that fits your cycling needs. Get access to official routes like Eurovelo, Pacific Coast Route, TransAmerica Trail, Mississippi River Trail and many more.


Whether you’re on a mountain bike, road bike, e-bike, cross bike or city bike — the Bikemap navigation brings you safely from A to B. Our cycling app is always right by your side, online, offline and worldwide.
No worries in case you took a wrong turn - the Bikemap navigation will bring you back on track. Get all information regarding your route like distance and elevation in real-time, and use the app as your biking computer.
Your training and ride will be tracked and synched with your Bikemap profile to show the community what you’ve been up to, but in case you want to keep it private, you can turn this option off anytime. The app also supports HealthKit.


Get to know the most beautiful cycling tracks and regions worldwide! The Bikemap community offers cycling routes in countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and many more. 


Get the full cycling experience with Bikemap Premium:

• Offline Maps & Navigation: Download maps and routes and ride offline anywhere in the world. 
• Bike Type-Optimized Routing: Optimize the routing for your bike type.
• Advanced Cycling Maps: 3D, Night mode, OpenCycleMap, OpenStreetMap

Try out all Premium features for free! Bikemap Premium will be active on all of your devices after creating an account.

The payment will be charged through your iTunes account. Your free trial will be automatically renewed to a paid subscription if you don't cancel it at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period (the same is valid for an ongoing subscription). Any unused free trial time will be forfeited when purchasing Premium. You can cancel your Bikemap Premium subscription anytime during the current subscription period by turning off auto-renewal in your iTunes account settings.

Terms of Service: https://www.bikemap.net/en/terms-of-service/

You have questions? Let us know via support@bikemap.net anytime and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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