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Cardo Connect - Latest Quality Issues
Mar 24, 2023
Until the last update it went well, but now the app fails. It does not recognize connected devices even if they are. I have a Packtalk Edge and I can change songs and call a BT from the device, but I can't talk to other Packtalk because I won't let myself access the app despite being connected to change the options. Nor did he ever let you share music, he suddenly recalls, the Google assistant is activated all the time...
Mar 24, 2023
After updating to MIUI version 14.0.7 cardo connect app fails to connect to cardo spitit hd drive
Mar 24, 2023
Connection issue
I'm having issues connecting to the intercom with other riders. The Bluetooth works just fine but it refuses to pair another rider. I've just been switch from rider A to rider B repeatedly.
Mar 24, 2023
After the last update the unit connects fine to my phone. Everything works. But the app won't recognize the unit. Says no unit can be found. Please update and fix this issue.
Mar 25, 2023
After the update it is impossible to connect freecom4x to the application. I will connect with an older freecom4 device.
Mar 25, 2023
Spirit duo. The app for the most part is fine but trying to set up 2 devices using the 1 app is impossible. There is no option what so ever to swap between the 2 devices to set them up especially whilst in intercom mode. You literally have to turn 1 off guess what setting you want, save it then turn the second device on which overrides the first 1 attached to the app and hope you have it somewhere near, then you have to repeat with the other 1. Pointless having duo kits if you can't use 1 app
Mar 25, 2023
Want to improve
Connect to different brands of headphones and cannot play music by itself
Mar 26, 2023
Since last app software update, my edge would not connect to app. What did you change, how could anyone enjoy the app or cardo if you kept messing the software. Do guys do quality assurance before rolling the app update?
Mar 26, 2023
After upgrading to version 6 cardo connect can no longer find the Spirit hd drive
Cardo Connect - Product Description
Control, configure and enjoy your ride!
Cardo Connect is a comprehensive yet intuitive interface to manage and control your Cardo Packtalk and Freecom communication systems.
Personalize your device, set all its various features and control it on the go with a clean, engaging and easy to use design.
Weather its Music, audio sharing, Radio, Dynamic Mesh (DMC) and Bluetooth intercom or phone control – Cardo Connect got you covered.
It even has a “secret” Quick Access button to enable full control of all the above from one screen! 

Just try it out for yourself!

Cardo Connect selected features:
Remote Control for Dynamic Mesh and Bluetooth Intercoms
Phone, music and radio control
Auto day/night mode
Quick Access
Complete device setting, presets and customization.
Embedded pocket guides
Smart audio mix
Updates on latest firmware
Multi-lingual support
Reset device
Access to support

Supported Devices
Packtalk EDGE
Packtalk NEO
Packtalk CUSTOM
Packtalk EDGE KTM
Packtalk OUTDOOR
Freecom 4x
Freecom 2x
Spirit HD
LS2 4X
Packtalk Bold
Packtalk Slim
Packtalk Black
Cardo Freecom 4/4+
Cardo Freecom 2/2+
Cardo Freecom 1/1+
Scala Rider Packtalk*
Scala Rider Smartpack*
Scala Rider Freecom 4*
Scala Rider Freecom 2*
Scala Rider Freecom 1*

* With a firmware upgrade

About Cardo Systems:
Cardo Systems is a world leader in Bluetooth motorcycle communications - a market it invented in 2004. Cardo has been reinventing the market ever since with the introduction of long-range intercom in 2011, Mesh communications in 2015 and Natural Voice Operation in 2018. Cardo products are used by avid motorcyclists in over 85 countries.

You can also find us on:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CardoSystemsInc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cardosystemsglobal
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cardosystems/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CardoSystems
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