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Day One Journal: Private Diary - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 21, 2021
I am enjoying this app so much. For a day I entered more than 5 journal. Iam used to Journaling something, but thanks to the developer of this app am able to track my daily activities. I wish they have multiple font text sizes and colour text. Besides the app is good. I would have given 5 star, but because of the missing text colour and the font size I gave 3 stars. I will up date this in the future.
Oct 21, 2021
I would give it a 5 but…
I use this app because I am able to write with my Apple Pencil on new iPad mini, like I would if I had a paper journal. I think it does a reasonable job with scribble…however it could be better. One issue I'm finding is that it won't allow me to scroll up on a page to give me room to write, so when I'm on a flow of an idea & suddenly I have no ‘paper' left it is an issue. I just think the same area that the keyboard would take up & cover on the screen if I was using that function should be available if using the Pencil. Also I think one needs a better mechanism to bring up controls like undo & copy/paste etc in ‘scribble' mode. Other than those issues I'm enjoying using the app as my daily journal.
Oct 19, 2021
The history of the place is no longer recorded even though the location information is turned on. Why is my current location recorded in the entry?
Oct 18, 2021
one of the best but expensive
i think this is a very useful app but more people can enjoy it if in free version sync with icloud at least on one device. i like the app but i can't afford premium version and i'm concerned my data is hard to access if i want to change or lost my phone.
Oct 17, 2021
Suddenly pay subscription
Had bought Day One once - the last update was switched to a subscription model without notice - This is not dealing with a former buyer! What a pity - was a big fan of Day One - now it's probably Called Day without!
Oct 16, 2021
Fine app
Nice UX. Mediocre visually. Has a lot if glitches.
Oct 15, 2021
Diary is gone with some
Some of the diaries I was writing until March 2021 disappear and won't be visible. Often, there were cases where some of the diaries didn't appear, but most of them were shown again over time. It takes longer to load, but now it won't continue to recover for a few days. What can I do?
Oct 15, 2021
So far good
I've only had this app about 10 days. So far I like it. I did check out my options on buying it and there are none, only a yearly expense. I'd buy it, but I don't do yearly or monthly payments. If this changes I'd consider buying this app.
Oct 15, 2021
Love this app
I started using DayOne about 3 years ago and loved it. It's an amazing journaling app. I just wish it wouldn't convert my writing, using my Apple Pencil, into a PDF. I want to be able to go back and edit my thoughts.
Day One Journal: Private Diary - Product Description
Apple’s App of the Year with over 15 million downloads and 50,000 5-star reviews globally. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Day One’s elegant interface makes journaling about your life a simple pleasure.

New York Times: “It feels almost sacred: A completely private digital space.”

Wired: “Day One makes keeping a journal delightfully easy.”

Macworld: “This superb journaling app remains pleasant to behold, easy to use, and a tough act for any rival to follow.”

Sweet Setup: “If you’re looking for a fantastic journaling app, or a great app for logging and recording various events and milestones of your life, then by far and away the best pick is Day One.”

Keeping a journal is an act of love. It makes you aware of your surroundings, cognizant of your actions, and open to adapting to all the changes around you. 

Day One is the journal that redefines journaling. Discover how Day One lets you to capture life as you live it:

* Beautiful, award-winning design
* Unlimited text entries for free
* Powerful rich text formatting with markdown
* Different journals for every aspect of your life (Premium)

* Automatic backups to our private servers (Premium)
* Privacy protected with industry leading end-to-end encryption
* Secured with passcode or biometrics
* Export options to ensure your entries always stay yours

* Unlimited photos and videos (Premium, limited for free)
* Auto-importer for your Instagram posts (Premium)
* Handwritten entries or drawings (Premium)
* Voice recording and transcription (Premium)

* In your pocket or on your wrist with iPhone and Apple Watch
* Mac or iPad for long-form writing
* Text message or email straight to your journal
* Safari browser extension to save websites in a click

* On This Day highlights past memories
* Tags, favorites, and search filters
* Map view to plot your travel
* High quality printed books to flip through

* Time, date, weather, step count, added to every entry
* Customizable templates 
* IFTTT applets to automatically import from Spotify, YouTube, Strava, Fitbit, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
* Siri Shortcuts to automate more of your journaling
* Share from Apple Photos, Safari, and other apps

* Reminders through text message or system notification
* Daily journal prompts
* Streaks and calendar view to keep your momentum going
* Today summary to see where you’ve been and what you’ve done
* Instagram, podcast, blog, and Facebook community for inspiration

Download now for free, or learn more at: https://dayoneapp.com

Day One is FREE to use with unlimited entries. Additional features, including unlimited photos, videos, and audio recordings, are available with a Day One Premium membership.

Privacy Policy: https://dayoneapp.com/privacy-policy/
Terms of Use: https://dayoneapp.com/terms-of-use/
For technical assistance or other inquiries: https://dayoneapp.com/contact/
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