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Disney Cruise Line Navigator - Latest Quality Issues
Jul 4, 2022
The functionality of the App is of a high level, but only having the option of the language in English©, generates difficulty for the diversity of customers who use it.
Jul 3, 2022
Chat during the cruise does not work
Yes, you get free wifi for the app only and all the show/activity alerts come through as push alerts. But when you send a message to another person on the cruise, the push alerts do not come through. App support: If you don’t want the alerts to be bothering other cruise guests, limit the alerts to vibrate only. I have tried to keep the app open and allow background refresh... But unless you are looking at the app you will not receive it. Maybe they are trying to fix it because a few came thru. The crew tried to help and said it was possible, but everyone I met on the cruise had the same problem. I have been on multiple cruises on Disney and there has always been an issue with the chat feature. It would also be nice to have a notification to pick up kids at the club. On the positive side, it was useful to look up activities, but some of them my family did not have phones and felt in the dark.
Jul 2, 2022
Chat experience was frustrating at best. Being cut off before I can view final charges is inconsiderate. Overall concept is good. Make more user friendly for older users if Disney is using the app as the primary option for communicating. Not all of us are joined at the hip with our phones.
Jul 2, 2022
Very helpful to look forward through the trip activities and dinners. Messaging had issues, and had to re-download on ship before ship departure.
Jun 30, 2022
The time on my phone didn't always sync up correctly with the app.
Jun 27, 2022
Good app while cruising
Convenient to have while on boat. Chat with crew member doesn’t work too well - long queue
Jun 27, 2022
Great content but let down by quality of connection on ship
It is a great guide to everything happening on board and does not need active WiFi to access preplanned information. However, the connection on the ship is very poor. Much of the time the active chat between guests was not available and neither could I access my spending information. The chat with a crew member took far too long to get a response.
Jun 27, 2022
The Disney app on board is extremely frustrating. It drops connectivity often and there is an incredible delay in your messages. Don't be fooled, the app is not a real time chat, it's more of a message board. I couldn't communicate with my kids and they couldn't communicate with us. Not sure why an organization like Disney can't have a proper communication tool...they keep nickel and diming their guests when all other cruise companies offer free wifi and drinks.
Jun 25, 2022
The app was very confusing in that it was difficult to find the page you wanted. Too much information was hidden levels down in the selection levels. It was difficult to get to the internet. It was also difficult to log off the Wi-Fi.
Disney Cruise Line Navigator - Product Description
Add even more magic to your Disney cruise! Download the newly enhanced Disney Cruise Line Navigator app and discover all the ways you can now use it—at home as well as on board!

When you’re at home and preparing to sail: Plan your ideal vacation, make payments, use My Online Check-In, explore and book activities, add our Protection Plan, ground transportation, change dining Seating and make special requests regarding dietary needs, accommodations for little ones, celebrations and more.

 When you’re on board and sailing: Explore your ship from bow to stern with Deck Plans, learn about the ports you’ll be visiting with My Itinerary, easily view both favorite and booked activities with My Plans, and make the most of each day with access to your entire cruise schedule, which includes daily activities, entertainment listings and even restaurant menus. Plus chat with your friends, family and shipmates with Onboard Chat—one-on-one or in a group! 

 To use Disney Cruise Line Navigator, download the app and use it in many ways at home. Once you’re on board, simply connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi network—complimentary to app users only—and enjoy your cruise!


 Get Ready to Cruise

·     Retrieve your reservation so you can review details including required documents, make payments and more.

·     Use My Online Check-In to fill out your cruise documents and register kids for youth clubs.

·     Explore activities and entertainment.

·     Book your favorite activities, including Port Adventures, Adult Dining, Onboard Fun, Spa & Fitness or Nursery.

·     Keep or change your dinner Seating assignment. 

·     Add or edit Vacation Protection Plan and Ground Transportation. 

 ·     View your Air Transportation.

 ·     Make Special Requests, including requests for special diets, accommodations for little ones, celebrations and more. 


Enhance Your Experience 

·     View onboard activities across your entire voyage. 

·     Plan your day, from shows to shopping. 

·     Review your ports of call and at-sea days.

·     Read details about activities that interest you. 

·     Check menus before dinner—kids’ menus too—and easily access your dining schedule.

.     Check out the latest offers and specials. 

·     Save favorite activities in one convenient list. 

·     View booked activities, including Port Adventures, Adult Dining, Onboard Fun, Spa & Fitness or Nursery. 

·     Find Disney Characters throughout the ship. 

·     For assistance, visit our new Help Center.

Know Where to Go

·     Explore your ship deck by deck, from bow to stern.

·     Find locations of the activities you want to do.


Stay in Touch 

·     Use Onboard Chat to stay connected to your family, friends and shipmates.

·     While aboard your cruise, chat one-to-one, or with multiple friends and family members at once. 

·     Use our wide array of Disney emoticons to express yourself as you chat.


Download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator and get started!

Note: Onboard Chat requires you to provide your full name, stateroom number and birthdate in order to use it. Children should always ask their parent or guardian before using Onboard Chat. Control access by children with the permissions feature.

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