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DMV Practice Test Genie - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 29, 2022
I subscribed for 1 no the told them I no longer needed and my account has been charged two months straight after not using
Oct 30, 2022
App is very user friendly , but the app keeps running or charging me on auto pay and I cannot get any help from the company they say go to the apps I did every step possible but it still does not take off recurring payments that I never added in the first place nor did it give me the option.
Nov 1, 2022
Horrible app
There were absolutely no same questions on the actual test. ZERO.. They weren't even any similar. I strongly don't recommend this app.
Nov 3, 2022
I'm already going to be paying $30 for the driving test itself, I'm not going to pay for the extra practice tests. The free ones you can take are fine, but they're the exact same as on the state website practice tests.
Nov 6, 2022
It's not letting me subscribe for some reason.
Nov 8, 2022
You need to pay to get the whole tested unlocked to truly pass
I got it did all the tests I could passed them all 100% re did the over and over went to the dmv didn't pass some of the questions I did on the app where there but only a few a lot of them weren't on the app I'd say about 20% of the questions on the test I knew the rest weren't on the app you need to pay so I'm pretty sure it works just need to pay to use it fully wish I would of known it has good reviews just dident know
Nov 10, 2022
night mode appears broken for oppo-F9. please fix 😞
Nov 24, 2022
How do I get a refund? This app caused me to fail my test.
Nov 27, 2022
Extremely limited content. You have to pay to use this otherwise the free portion is not much help.
DMV Practice Test Genie - Product Description
Exam coming up in a few days? Does the idea of getting your learner's permit or driver's license make your palms sweaty? Caps your enthusiasm? It should - because it's one of the most important steps you'll ever take.

You know you can't sit around and do nothing. It's your future. You don't have to put it at risk by relying on a boring DMV manual. Instead, prepare whenever and wherever you want. Do it at school, on the bus, or while waiting in line at the DMV. You can study whenever your schedule allows, so every minute counts. The program is broken down into short modules enabling you to take it one step at a time when you have a few minutes to study — no more carrying around a heavy study guide.

• Downloads: 4.87 Million
• Ratings: 145.5K
• Average rating: 4.8 out of 5
• Featured in the App Store

You deserve independence. You deserve to live your dream. Don't gamble with your future. Don't go it alone. DMV Genie is the new gold standard in driver education, the only program recommended by DMVs, top driving schools, and independent instructors. It's the highest-rated driver's ed study tool on the market, and millions of drivers already know it. Check out the reviews to see what your fellow applicants have to say. They all agree our questions are nearly identical to the actual exam.

It's easy to use and has 600+ state-specific questions written by curriculum experts, vetted by DMV officials, and seen on the official exams.

Who is it for:
• When you only have a few days to prepare and need your permit or license ASAP.
• When you have plenty of time before the exam and can't leave anything to chance.
• When you've failed your knowledge exam before.

Learn from the people who know the most about driving.
Every DMV Genie question is written by a team of professional drivers and curriculum experts. They know precisely what you need to know and what you don't need to know to pass your driver's knowledge exam. They know the kind of questions that will appear on the official exam, and they'll help you learn it all. They even know which questions are most likely to appear on the test.

• Industry-leading 95.2% success rate
• 73% more effective than the driver's manual alone, based on a nationwide survey.
• Authentic DMV Exam Simulator
• Personalized Challenge Bank™: a test that's automatically made up of your missed questions
• Detailed explanations
• Passing Probability
• Driver's manual included

Let us help you breeze through your driver's knowledge exam. We've helped over four million drivers just like yourself get behind the wheel.

With DMV Genie, you'll breeze through your exam and walk out of the DMV, feeling like you just took a first-grade spelling test. Take the first step towards a better life. Download DMV Genie today.
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