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Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Latest Quality Issues
Nov 19, 2022
One of the employees at this site needs to work on her customer service skills Any other time I rented from them I've always had great customer service this one particular girl was so rude and then proceeded to talk about that customer after she walked out the door I sat there and observed it
Nov 21, 2022
No pick up
Have been using Enterprise for as long as I can remember, years and years, in Carbondale/Marion IL. However, despite the fact that they've been picking me up within 10 miles, the last time it was changed to 5 miles. Had to cancel the useless reservation and now bother friends or relatives in the area and public transport. Useless to me now after years of business!
Nov 23, 2022
I trying to modify a rental that I had already had to end up canceling it because the modification would not let me change my location. It would just go to the next page.
Nov 24, 2022
The app doesn't allow me to update my profile or modify a reservation.
Nov 30, 2022
I hate this app with every cell in my body. It's the fn WORST! Instead of showing you the locations, inventory and location hours available, so you can pick from what's available, it wastes hours of your time having to guess. It will have you create an entire reservation, only to get to the end and it tells you the either the rental is sold put or the location is closed
Dec 1, 2022
Overcharged and no fix
I am getting overcharged for a rental at Vegas Airport and was overcharged even the staff said that should be fixed. But no one has contacted me still and when I showed up the rental wasn't ready till the next day and no compensation for my taxi I had to take to the hotel. Very disappointing.
Dec 2, 2022
No inventory
Why offer an app that gives the impression there is available inventory at a particular location only to drive there at the scheduled pickup time to find there is nothing available??
Dec 3, 2022
Has a cancel button, but it doesn't work. What's the point?
Dec 4, 2022
Invalid locale
I used to live the app but now every time I open the app it says “invalid locale” I've tried everything. Deleted and re downloaded. Still says the same thing. I can still use the website but the app seems to be broken
Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Product Description
It's never been easier to rent a car from your mobile device. The Enterprise Rent-A-Car App is your free personal assistant for all things car rental. You can easily view or modify upcoming reservations, get directions to a rental branch, call roadside assistance, or find a rental car for your next trip at one of our 7,800+ worldwide locations. Stay signed into your Enterprise Plus® account to make reservations even faster, plus earn points toward free rentals.

Additional car rental app features include:
Make a reservation 
Find rental locations near you for your upcoming travel, narrow your search with location and vehicle filters, and save rental details to make future reservations even faster.

Access all your car rentals in one place
Easily view the details of your rental car and trip to reference pick-up or drop-off times, your current rental car information, directions back to your rental location, and more. 

Manage your Enterprise Plus® account
Earn points for your upcoming travel, view your reward points balance, update your account details, and redeem points toward free rental days.

Get help when you need it
Contact roadside assistance or 24/7 customer support for help during your trip, and look up your rental location details including phone number, address and directions.

Favorite a location
Visit a rent a car location frequently? Make it a "favorite" to quickly access the information you need or book your next rental car.

Enterprise is there when you need us. And now we're making it even easier to experience the benefits of Enterprise from your mobile device.

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