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Fanatics: Gear for Sports Fans - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 19, 2021
Something went wrong
“uh-oh! Something went wrong!” I get that popup every single time I use this app, especially when searching or filtering results. It's plain unusable if searching causes a reset!
Oct 18, 2021
Great Products App Needs Help
I love shopping at Fanatics but this app needs help. My biggest issue is that once you add an item to cart and you want to continue shopping, you have to start all over again. Just an option to continue shopping to pick up where you last were would be optimal
Oct 17, 2021
A lot of errors after selection and going back to same list
I have spent a lot of money in the last couple of months for gifts and I love the products but each time I select a product I have to re-start my search instead of going back to list! Needs to get fixed, please!
Oct 12, 2021
This app is constantly crashing and reboots. It happens nearly every time I use the app. Very annoying.
Oct 11, 2021
Not impressed
I've been a long-time customer of Fanatics but find myself more and more frustrated. Nickel and diming for “handling fees” and shipping costs on orders and returns. App frequently crashes. Customer service is non-existent. It is sad that Fanatics has a monopoly on sports apparel market. Very disappointed as a fan of sports teams I don't have other reliable options on new releases.
Oct 11, 2021
Needs work
App is constantly asking to enter email. Crashes too often while searching for merchandise. Very maddening to use.
Oct 10, 2021
Selection great, app not so. Keep going back to home screen so I had to restart several times. Then as I was going through the cart to delete an item it deleted the wrong one. So I had to go back and find the item add to cart. By the time I checked out it was after midnight and cost me 10.00 more dollars. Placed order but isn't fair.
Oct 9, 2021
First Time On App
Within 10 minutes the App crashed 3 times, seems stable now.
Oct 8, 2021
App always refreshes & resets you back to Home Screen
I love fanatics however every 3 to 10 tabs kicks you out must return to main home screen.
Fanatics: Gear for Sports Fans - Product Description
Fanatics is where true sports fans shop. Buy NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB & NCAA gear, officially licensed by the teams you love.

With more than 250,000 products from over 700 teams, Fanatics has one of the largest assortments of sports merchandise in the world. From football jerseys to baseball bats, we’ve got the newest and hottest gear for you and all the sports fans in your life. 

Any Sport. Any Team.

Get the merch, whatever the sport. From football to basketball, UFC to college baseball, find your game, your league and your team.

Back your squad.

Go back to the glory days with our vintage collection, or stand with your sporting heroes with autographed memorabilia.

Get your head in the game.

Step off the sidelines, get the gear and make your mark.

Enjoy 24/7 access to the latest and greatest sports apparel. Personalize the app with your favorite teams or just browse for fun- there’s no store big enough to hold our selection.

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