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forms.app - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 23, 2021
Unable to enter very bad application link
Oct 22, 2021
Why can't I get in?
Oct 19, 2021
My form in privacy cannot be shared
Oct 16, 2021
Download it long bat cok so I'm still 1 star
Oct 15, 2021
It has Errors 1st Does not allow me to add image to my Forms. 2nd I am not allowed to Change the Name DeMiLinkOseaModify it.
Oct 12, 2021
Loading long, I better delete, this app is useless
Oct 11, 2021
This is a very nice app. We can get many type of templates, designs,questions etc.Actually the star should be 4.7 but as it could not be given i could not but the reason I have not given this app 5.0 because of the question of time. It is very difficult to enter the time. Every time i click the numbers to enter the time the numbers does not come in the form. It is very disturbing. Very rarely I can give the time. I will be very grateful if you fix this problems. Thanks.
Oct 8, 2021
Is it paid to register or survey the app?
Oct 1, 2021
It does not allow to save in PDF, only a link to a web page that stores the supposed form... Uninstalled...
forms.app - Product Description
Create a question form easily, even on mobile. The easiest way of building forms and collecting payment.

Discover what you can do with the easiest online survey and form builder.

Always Use Freely for Free.

All features are included in free package. No hidden cost. No need for coding. Just write your questions and share your form on social media, your website and attach to your email with a few clicks.

Designed for you, inspired by you. All features of forms.app are always free.

Start without Registration.You do not have to register to create forms. All you have to do is click the ‘’Start Now’’button and create your form. Don't worry, we'll keep your form for you. If you register after you have created your form, your form will come with you.

Sell with Product BasketStart getting sales orders and collecting payment in a few minutes. Creating sales order forms is easy, fast and free of charge with forms.app.

Collect PaymentAll you need to do is to connect your PayPal or iyzico account to your Sales Order Form with a few clicks. We will constantly add new payment methods.

Get Notified by E-mail

Do not miss any feedback or answer. Get notifications via e-mail when your form is filled a view all details via mail.

Design Your Form

Let your form show your style. Moreover, no extra charge when designing your form as you wish.

No one else can set the limits of your form.

You decide how many people can view and submit your form. Moreover, after the quota have filled, it is up to you to redirect the form to the address you want. If you wish, you can only write a description.

Track Conversions

How many people have filled in your form or how many people have taken action? It's easy to follow through Google Ads or Google Analytics. Simply add your conversion ID number to your form.

Add Unlimited Fields without Stuck to a Quota

Do you need a lot of fields when creating your form? Never restrict yourself. Add any field type to your form as many as you want.

Designed for Your Smartphone

Start making forms perfect with your phone. forms.app works perfectly in mobile browsers. You can build forms and create surveys forms as fully mobile compatible.

Collect Payment

All you need to do is to connect your PayPal account to your Sales Order Form with a few clicks.

Privacy Settings

You can limit who can access each form and its results. Privacy setting can be different than the form itself.


Update your Google Sheet or add new card to your Trello board everytime your form is filled in.
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