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GlossGenius - Salon Software - Latest Quality Issues
Apr 30, 2021
How Do I Book Appointments?????? When you open the app, it prompts you to sign in or sign up. I sign up and then select that I am a client, and it tells me I don't need to make an account, I can just book online. But online it directs me to the app! What the heck?!
Apr 22, 2021
No App for customers
You should have an app for customers too. I go to apps for everything, it's hard to believe I have to go to a website to book my appointments in 2021. 😢
Apr 13, 2021
Good but...
Frustrated that you can't still change how the client gets ahold of you. For instance, it only lets you put in your phone number versus multiple other forms of contact like your professional email, fb or Instagram message, etc. I personally have sent in this request multiple times because I want to have a healthy boundary and reserve even my work cell for special occasions. The card reader doesn't also sync, and even if I save cards on file, I have to do it again if they want to purchase products separately. It should be saved the first time. While they have great features, there's still very important fixes still to be made. I'm only staying because I have so many cards on file, so I feel locked in.
Dec 7, 2020
Love it!
I love it! My only complaint is not being able to split the payment so my guests who want to pay 1/2 cash 1/2 on their card during check out
Dec 6, 2020
Great booking system
This is a great app to use for your business as an independent hairstylist. Easy to manage for your clients and yourself. I only wish they would make a few changes. 1 at checkout it only scans cards with raised numbers, most new cards have flat account numbers. 2. At checkout there is no way to take more than one form of payment. Some customers like to pay with a little cash and put the rest on a card. 3 There is no way of adding a dollar amount discount. I have to adjust the actual price. Which when it comes to writing it off in your taxes, there is no record. 4 when I run the report for sales tax it gives you a line item of just the tax amount. No total $ sales amount, and no grand total. You have to add up all the amounts and total it yourself. To file and pay sales tax you need the amount sold, the tax amount and the totals on each.
Nov 20, 2020
I love this app the only thing is uploading pictures it doest always show the picture in full view.
Nov 10, 2020
LOVE This app- One Complaint
I truly enjoyed using this app. It was really easy to use and I could have things the way I wanted. The only criticism that I had was that it does not offer waitlists to clients and that it is not multi-user friendly. The salon I'm at uses Vagaro and promotes all the small businesses renting there through it so I'll have to make the switch. The owner would when used this app if it was multi-user friendly.
Nov 3, 2020
New update!!
I've been using the app for over a year now. You update the app without updating the app with any new functions. We send in our ideas but still no update. If I received a booking Im only aware by receiving email/text alert. I should be able to look at recent activity in the app. There's no way of keeping track of cancellations, still unable to give a $ amount discount, no card reader, sometimes we have messages for clients we need a pop-up message box for when the client enter the site. We should also have an option to take deposits. I was with accuity I left because GlossGenius was more appealing and had a more professional setup but it's lacking a lot of options needed for bookings.
Oct 24, 2020
VERY easy to use - I just have 3 things I wish it had...
I love this app. It does all the scheduling stuff I don't have time to deal with. However, I wish there was a way to have custom gift cards made (Square offers this service) and have a card reader since taking a pic of the card - it very rarely works. Also won't accept Visa gift cards, which caught me off guard at the end of a very expensive service on a teen who had saved up for a year. I also wish there was a way to customize individual client settings...most love the text reminders & emails, and others can't stand them...but it's all or nothing. It would be awesome if there was a quantity option when booking an appointment - I have clients who come in as mother/daughter, both getting haircuts, but the only option is to double the price on what looks like one haircut. In the meantime, I have entered “Woman Cut 2”, etc to the service menu.
GlossGenius - Salon Software - Product Description
The all-in-one, top solution for beauty and wellness pros. Trusted by thousands of studios and salons across the US for scheduling, same-business-day payment transfers, marketing, client management and more! 

Run and grow your business, maximize your income and stay in control -- with automated appointment scheduling, client management, social media booking and built-in marketing tools. Checkouts will be fast & easy with our stunning contactless & chip card readers.

GlossGenius is the industry’s easiest, most intuitive platform for salon and studio professionals. This includes beauty experts, hair stylists, hair colorists, skincare professionals, wax & brow artists, cosmetologists, estheticians and more.



EASY BOOKINGS -> Customers can book online through your included website, as well as get confirmations, reminders, thank you’s and personalized birthday notes! Your included website is customizable and stunning! Clients can also book appointments through social media with you, since GlossGenius has partnered with Instagram and Facebook to help you grow your business!

BETTER EXPOSURE -> We have built-in advertising tools so you can welcome back more customers, and find creative ways to get new ones too - using SEO, Web and SMS. We also have integrations with Instagram, Facebook, Yelp and more to help you. 

MORE MONEY IN THE BANK -> Start taking payments immediately with your mobile device, and get a card reader quickly! Earn more money when you process with us through the industry’s lowest rate of 2.6%--NO hidden fees. Even better - get money transferred automatically to your account the same business day. Ultra-fast.

A STUNNING NEW WEBSITE -> Get a new custom personal website in minutes for your business - tailored with your branding, pricing, hours, and portfolio of work. Your site will not look the same as anyone else's. 

SOCIAL MEDIA BOOKING -> We know social media is important to you and we offer integrations that help you get bookings from Instagram and Facebook. Best of all, they take 2 minutes to set up. 

INCREDIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT -> We treat your business like it’s our own. We’re the only platform to offer access to customer support through text, phone and email.

PERSONAL HELP TRANSITIONING DATA -> Want to move over from Mind Body, StyleSeat, StyleSeat, Square, Vagaro or Schedulicity - but worried about losing your data? Worry no more - we have someone that will personally help you with that.



“Clients book me easier than on the other system I was using before and they’re so impressed.”

“This app saves me money checking them out and helps me rebook them.”

“It’s literally an assistant in your pocket, that allows you to run your business fluently.”

“The best user interface for salons right now. I have been in the industry for 10 years and this is literally the best.”

“Moving over from Vagaro was seamless and faster than I even thought. Genius is an understatement”

“After 24+ years of doing business by pencil and paper, it is refreshing to know that even I can operate the app. It’s so easy.”

We've got the easiest-to-use, most stunning card readers. Process anything, anytime and anywhere, without any training. 

We use the same leading payment processor that other big companies like Twitter, Shopify, Lyft, Airbnb and many more use. All card information is encrypted from start to finish.
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