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Grubhub: Local Food Delivery - Latest Quality Issues
Aug 18, 2022
WORST food delivery app ever!! There was a problem with every single order I had and Grubhub wouldn't refund me for missing items that happened every single time!! It's ridiculous! How is that even possible?! Not one single order was correct!! Then there was one time an order NEVER showed up and another order was TWO hours late, arrived cold, and incorrect!! I've never had problems like this with other delivery apps. Grubhub needs to be shut down and investigated! I'm deleting it right now!!
Aug 18, 2022
Converted my delivery to pickup and then wouldn't refund.
Aug 17, 2022
Bad everything. From service to delivery times and even the drivers. Not sure if just bad luck but I never had this many issues or complaints with Doordash. Definitely way better interface and service. Don't use grubhub. I get it for free and even then it's bad.
Aug 17, 2022
Restaurant management absolutely needs to double check that everything we ordered is 100% correct before Grubhub accepts our food for delivery. Makes no sense why I can't receive what I paid for with my hard earned money and with no explanation why my order was incorrect before pickup.
Aug 17, 2022
Dishonest application. Orders are ALWAYS cold and wrong. Force you to spend more money
Aug 17, 2022
My food was never delivered and they refused to redeliver at no charge but said I would get my money back in 3-5 days so had to remain hungry at work for 12 hours.
Aug 17, 2022
No restaurant near me. No value to me.
Aug 17, 2022
So I contacted customer care took 30 minutes to find answer and they were not relavent or correct. Watched driver go from another city then past mine. GrubHub chooses far location which is more gas . Order time changed 3 times. Will not use again. Super disappointed with customer care and really hate that restaurant location was not choose that was within one mile instead GrubHub choose in another city. Wasteful bad for environment. Never again
Aug 17, 2022
Worse Customer Service & Terrible App
Wasted my time and energy even installing this app. My first order took over 2 hours to arrive to my place, later than the expected time so they gave me a $10 coupon. My second order, I use the coupon and the order never arrived to my place. I let customer service know and they refunded my money but wouldn't give my $10 off coupon back. I texted the help chat to try to get my coupon back but they were only offering me a 30% off coupon which would of been less than 1/3rd of the money off from my total than if I had my $10 off coupon. They were no help, so to try to call in to get more help. She said she could give me a $10 off refund if I placed the order again since she couldn't send me another coupon. I said ok, placed the order and apparently my account is on lock. I ask her why my account is locked and she says “because we're trying to protect it” and she will escalate the problem and someone will contact me in 48 hours. What?! I ordered food yesterday and it's going to take 3 additional days just to get some food. This is absolutely terrible, might as well uninstall
Grubhub: Local Food Delivery - Product Description
With the largest selection of restaurants, Grubhub delivers your favorite foods to your door.
Order with the Grubhub app and get the restaurants you love delivered in a few taps.
Feel like getting out for a bit? Great! We also offer pickup for takeout orders.
Whether it’s your favorite local spot, a restaurant with a little more fame, or a new place to try while traveling, Grubhub’s got the eats you’re looking for.
Join Grubhub+ and get unlimited free delivery from restaurants nearby, exclusive rewards, access to our Elite Care team and much more!
Plus, Grubhub will match any donations Grubhub+ members make to No Kid Hungry, so you can double your community impact.
Try Grubhub+ free. After that, it’s $9.99/month.
Wondering what your next meal will be? Each Grubhub city has different restaurants that you know and love. Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cinnabon, Denny’s, KFC, McDonalds (NYC only), Pizza Hut, Potbelly, Taco Bell &      more are just a tap away.
Here’s a little taste of the foods, local flavor and cuisines you should be excited about: burgers, donuts, pizza, sushi, pho, wings, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Greek, vegan, vegetarian & more!
Order takeout or delivery and get exclusive Grubhub deals. Download today!
What Grubhub offers:
- Grubhub offers the largest selection of restaurants in the nation!
- Whether it’s Chinese, Greek, Italian or any other food type you’re craving, it’s covered.
- With exclusive local restaurant partners like Taco Bell & McDonalds, you’ll find that mom & pop shop AND the national spot you love.
- When you order using the iOS app, you’ll avoid the hassle of over-the-phone mistakes.
- You can also count on Grubhub’s 24/7 customer support.
- Grubhub offers real-time order tracking so you know exactly when to dash to the door for your delicious meal.
- The Grubhub app provides lots of great features.
- Order now or preorder your next meal.
- Re-order your favorite meals with a tap.
- Order takeout and pick up your meal to save time & money.
- Pay through a variety of options including Apple Pay, Venmo & Grubhub gift cards.
- Gain access to exclusive benefits only available through Grubhub+
- Grubhub has lots & lots of restaurant ratings and reviews, so you can count on getting the best food in your area.
- Review the restaurants & menus you try to help other Grubhub customers.
Order the eats you love from local restaurants near you. Download Grubhub now!
Ready to start ordering with Grubhub? Great! Here’s what to do next:
• Download the app
• Sign in or set up your account (you can even use Facebook)
• Choose from your favorite restaurants or try something new
• Pick your perfect meal
We suggest you post up with your mates & order your next food delivery in some of these Grubhub cities:
Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Bridgeport, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hartford, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis, Sacramento, Tampa, Washington DC
Just in case you needed a few more reasons to get into Grubhub, here are some rave reviews:
• “I love that I can order food while laying on the couch. Grubhub strikes again!!” - @DrFlunkenstein
• “Thank god for @Grubhub. The delivery guy and I are going to be the best of friends” - @beatz6
• “Just when I thought I was ready to be an adult and cook, Grubhub” - @kima_jones
• “@Grubhub is becoming VERY familiar with my food preferences. I love this app!” - @madelinedenise
Free delivery terms: Must be a first-time Grubhub diner; offer limited to one use per diner. Order must be $15.00, before tax, tip and fees. Discount is capped at $5.00 off your order. Valid for Delivery orders only.
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