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Hallow: Catholic Meditation - Latest Quality Issues
Aug 13, 2022
After the update nothing is showing in friends so no comments can be made. Was this checked before issuing. I have not tried the other functions yet. This was a 5 star app. You broke it. The prayers are still 5 star but fix it .
Aug 10, 2022
They said it was free and to see all the content it is not, and not only do they charge a single occasion, but it is a monthly charge, the only thing they are looking for is money that sad!
Aug 10, 2022
Unfortunately it looks like I'll have to cancel this. They have added a very distracting and irritating feature where something scrolls across the bottom of the screen constantly. I don't see a way to get rid if it and it isn't even something I've asked for. There also is no way in the app or website to contact someone.
Aug 8, 2022
After update, prayers that were free when I downloaded them, couldn't be accessed anymore.
Aug 8, 2022
This app is so full of bugs, all around data management. Right now, it says I'm not connected to the internet, and I can't download new daily reflections. "Downloading" a prayer means only getting one specific person reading one specific length, not all of them. If your download gets interrupted, it will remain in your download queue forever. There's no automatic downloading. There's no auto delete. These are basic functions. I love the prayers, but I can't subscribe until the app is fixed.
Aug 7, 2022
I dropped it. Canceled it. They better not charge me for it. I don’t know how to navigate it. I could not find anybody to help me. I bought the little book but it had nothing to do with the app. You
Aug 3, 2022
Love this app, my prayer life has increased immensely. Only issue I'm having is on the Bible in a Year. I do multiple days at a time, and completed it. I am now trying to do it again but it shows everything as read and reminders jump way ahead. It also keeps adding it into my routine after every day now. It would be nice to clear it so I xan see where I left off. I have a Galaxy a32 5g if that makes a difference
Aug 3, 2022
They tell you that it is free and you want to explore the application, nothing you want to see opens, only the ad you subscribe to comes out, they just want to monetize, evangelization here as elsewhere is business
Aug 2, 2022
I was really enjoying this app but I do not know what happened that in the prayer of the daily third is only on Monday, that's my reason to give only one star. If it's fixed, I'll give you the well-deserved five stars.
Hallow: Catholic Meditation - Product Description
** The #1 Catholic App **

Hallow is a Catholic prayer app that offers audio-guided meditation sessions to help us grow in our faith & spiritual lives and find peace in God. Explore over 1,000 different sessions on contemplative prayer, meditation, Catholic Bible readings, music, and more.

In today’s world, we’re stressed, anxious, distracted, & can’t sleep. At the same time, we’re searching for deeper meaning, purpose, & relationships. We believe these two challenges can be addressed with the same solution: peace in Jesus. In the end, after all, a halo in heaven is the goal :)

* Daily prayers: Pray daily across methods including 3 of our most popular - Lectio Divina (on the Daily Readings), the Rosary, & the Divine Mercy Chaplet
* Christian Meditation: This can seem similar to mindfulness meditation in learning to be comfortable in silence, but the difference is the goal is never to remain in ourselves, but always to lift our hearts & minds to God, to talk with Him, listen to Him, & recognize His presence with us
* Sleep Bible Stories: Try Night Prayer from Liturgy of the Hours / Daily Office, and Catholic Bible stories read by folks like Jonathan Roumie from the Chosen or Fr. Mike Schmitz from the New American Bible
* Rosary: Meditate with Mary through the mysteries of the Catholic Rosary and other devotionals
* Ignatian Examen: Reflect on your day & discover an awareness of God, Jesus Christ, & the Holy Spirit
* Lectio Divina: Enter into a conversation with God through Bible passages / Scripture
* Taizé & Gregorian Chant: Meditative chant & music
* Community: Match your prayers to the season with the #pray40 Lent Challenge, starting Ash Wednesday, or our #pray25 Advent Challenge for Christmas
* Homilies & Guests: From Father Mike Schmitz, and on topics on being a Catholic Dad, St. Augustine & more!
* Praylists: Sessions on joy, humility, discernment, or stress / anxiety / calm
* Challenges: Re-discover the Our Father, Stations of the Cross, Psalms, and Saints - or start with the Intro 9 Day Novena
* Litanies & Novenas: Try out the Litany of Humility, the 54 Day Novena, and more!
* Minute Meditations: Jesus, I Trust in You, Angelus, Rosary Decade, St. Michael the Archangel prayer and more!

Additional features to help customize your prayer experience:
* Journal after every prayer
* Choice of man or woman guide
* Options for 3 different lengths for every prayer (typically 5, 10, or 15 minutes)
* Ability to set prayer reminders
* Option to include calming background music like Gregorian Chant
* Ability to download sessions for offline listening
* Ability to join a Hallow Family to share prayer intentions and prayer reflections with one another

As Hallow is a Catholic App (#1 among Catholic Apps), the content is developed by experienced Catholic theology and spirituality guides and reviewed by senior leaders within the Church (e.g., PhD’s, professors, Bishops, authors) and based on content from the approved Catholic Bible. We were also featured on EWTN. While it can be a beautiful app for Catholic men and women, it is meant as a resource for people of all faiths & religions.

Users can access our daily prayers (including the rosary) and the 9-day Intro Prayer Challenge for free.
To access the full suite of Hallow, Hallow offers two auto-renewing subscription options:
$8.99 per month
$59.99 per year

These prices are for United States customers.

Your Hallow subscription will renew automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can go to your Apple account settings to manage your subscription and turn off auto-renew. Your account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Hallow also integrates with the Apple Health app to sync mindfulness minutes.
Terms and conditions: https://hallow.com/terms-of-service
Privacy policy: https://hallow.com/privacy-policy
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