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KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars - Latest Quality Issues
May 10, 2021
I can't measure my luggage
May 10, 2021
Suitcase filter
It has very good prices and I always buy around here however now in the filters you can no longer put the filter of the suitcases before I could put how many bags I wanted to carry and the prices I got with the bags included no longer has the option
May 9, 2021
It's a shame they don't show flights to and from Havana
May 7, 2021
The app is good even,more sometimes it keeps appearing that gave error
May 5, 2021
I have booked a ticket from this app. The ticket appear with 5 hours lay over, after I booked the ticket it changed from 5 hours to 19 hours lay over. This operation has been done with mytrip website. Mytrip website full of scams people. I have been calling them to cancel the ticket from yesterday and we both agreed the problem with their website. Even though they cut the money from my account and not willing to refund the full amount. I wish there is something lower then 1 star.
May 5, 2021
I installed the app in hope to not readjust my filters with every search but it's the same as on the website so I don't see any advantages over the web version.
May 4, 2021
I don't see anywhere flight code
May 4, 2021
Terrible experience!!
There was an error on my booking dates. It was impossible to change the dates of the reservation. Your lousy call center. A robot that doesn't understand what you're talking to answers, I spent hours trying to talk to someone who didn't solve my problem in the end either. They didn't refund me anything, nor did they fix me. I mean, I was robbed.
May 2, 2021
Why are my notifications coming across in a different language?
KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars - Product Description
KAYAK searches hundreds of other travel sites so you don’t have to. Book the perfect flight, hotel or rental car and save money with mobile-only rates and Private Deals. KAYAK Trips lets you organize all of your travel plans in one place including free flight status updates, airport terminal maps and security wait times. KAYAK is the only app you need for planning, booking and traveling.

SEARCH: Find great deals on flights, hotels and rental cars
• Unlock Private Deals and exclusive mobile-only rates for even more savings.
• Effortlessly and securely book via the app without the need to re-enter your traveler data and credit card information.
• Pick a destination and choose flexible dates to find out when it’s best to fly.
• Filter options based on stops, airlines, departure times, amenities and much more.
• Book at the right time. Price Forecasts let you know whether your airfare is likely to go up. Price history charts show airfare trends over the last 90 days.
• Have big travel dreams but can’t decide on a destination? Use Explore to set your max airfare and see all the amazing places in the world where you can travel (whatever your budget, let us help you search!).

TRIPS: Your free personal travel assistant
• Organize your travel plans in one place, regardless of where you booked.
• Book on KAYAK or forward your booking confirmation emails to trips@kayak.com to begin building your trip. Optionally auto-import bookings from your Gmail account.
• Stay up-to-date with real-time flight status, gate change and baggage claim notifications.
• Get security wait time estimates for your flight.
• Navigate your way around the airport with step-by-step directions.
• Find shops, duty free, food, coffee, chargers, restrooms, lounges and more. See actual photos of each and learn whether they are before or after security.
• Countdown timers keep track of your flight’s progress and remaining layover time.
• Share your travel plans with family and friends.
• No internet access, no problem. View your itinerary and airport maps with no internet connection.
• Use the Trips Today widget to get a quick overview of your day’s itinerary.

• Keep your travel plans right on your wrist.
• Receive alerts on your watch when your flight status changes.
• Add the KAYAK complication to your watchface to see your next trip event.
• Use Force Touch to toggle between your current, upcoming or shared trips.
• Leave your phone behind on your next jog/swim. Trips are stored locally on your watch.

PRICE ALERTS: Never miss a deal
• Let us do the searching for you. Create a flight or hotel Price Alert and we’ll notify you when the price changes.
• Not sure where to go? Create a Price Alert for top world cities or specific regions and let the deal determine your next adventure.
• Use the Price Alert Today widget to get a quick overview of your latest alert updates.

FLIGHT TRACKER: Track the status of any flight
• Know if you’re arriving early or late by viewing the status of departure and arrival times.
• Monitor the flight’s progress in the air with the convenient map view.
• Easily track friends and family with their flight number or the airline.

Winner of 10 Webby Awards including:
• People's Voice Award for Travel Mobile Apps & Other Handheld Devices (2015)
• Webby and People's Voice Award for Travel Tablet Apps & all Other Handheld Devices (2014)
• Time Magazine: 50 Best iPhone Apps (2014)
• Wired Magazine: The 8 Best Apps for World Travelers (2014)

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