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Rent.com Apartments & Homes - Latest Quality Issues
Apr 26, 2021
No Returns on Inquiries
I've asked for info on several apartments and yet to receive any response.👎
Apr 19, 2021
Available apartments are not up to date which makes using this extremely frustrating. The units never respond and you have to find out through other apps that the apartment wasn't even available in the first place. 👎
Apr 19, 2021
Most of the places are already rented out and I have never gotten a response from a single listing
Apr 12, 2021
Not sure how this has this many stars.
Every single property I have sent a message to not a single reply from any one of them. What's the point of being on an app saying the property is available and when you try to reach out, silence. Not one person has responded not a single ounce of contact information on any of the properties. What a waste of time.
Apr 11, 2021
It's ok but it keeps goin2the same ones over n over again no matter what zip I put in there.
Apr 3, 2021
App won't rotate, what year were we living in here? Back to Zillow for me.
Mar 27, 2021
Keyword filtering doesn’t work
Try to filter for anything new construction or brand new build (vs a “new renovation”). You will find it impossible to filter your search for this criteria. But if gets worse! a simpler test fails: Try to filter only for anything with the word “construction” in the description. That, too, will fail and you will get all these items without the word “construction” ever mentioned. Major fail.
Mar 26, 2021
My first impressions
I love the layout of the site. It's easy to use, and makes the process of finding a new place simple. But I've been acquiring about a few home rentals to move into for four days now and have yet to receive a call back or email!
Mar 23, 2021
Didn't show everything
Rent.com Apartments & Homes - Product Description
What others are saying about the Rent.com app:
"I've been finding great deals on this app. Never been easier seriously it's given me countless options within my budget and beautiful places to be honest. Five stars for sure"
"Give the most accurate prices. Very easy to use."
"I really enjoy looking for apartments using rent.com. They help me find my very first apartment 8 years ago. Now I'm using them again for my new search! The details and pictures are accurate."

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• Call or email properties directly from the app. 

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