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Splitwise - Latest Quality Issues
May 5, 2021
It would be interesting if you could divide the expenses between two people, month by month, into the same group. If I'm using it the right way, the app ends up adding up the expenses of different months.
May 5, 2021
It has jumbled up all the expenses. I am noting one thing very clearly and it is saving something else altogether.
May 4, 2021
Does it’s job
Pretty easy to use and does its job well. Annoys me to no end that when you hit “Add an expense” the first box is “enter a description”. That should be the second box. The amount is more important, and the thing you have in your head when you want to enter a new expense. The amount should be the first box - poor UX
May 4, 2021
You full list
Add a list of subscriptions but only those I split and owe me in the current month appear, the ones I left individual i can't find
May 3, 2021
discrepancy in settlement
Found some discrepancy in the app. Erroneous settlement. When an expense is added, it is not getting updated properly, tried multiple times. Found the bug very recently, now I'm unsure if the previous settlement were buggy as well.
May 3, 2021
The simplify debts seems to be not working in the latest version!
May 2, 2021
Overall very good app, but about going Pro, here is my feedback: Default Split is the reason I tried Pro but finally cancelled. Basically I was ready to pay for comfort/ease of use, but the fact that this setting is Personal and not group wide doesn't make me gain any comfort/ease of use in the end. I still have to go edit spendings created by my wife. So I don't see the point of paying Pro for this feature if I have still have 50% of the job to do manually.
May 2, 2021
This app does NOT simplify sharing expenses among roommates. In fact, it's a monthly headache to figure out the missed details in the totals it gives us. We just want ONE number that tells us what to pay each person. But it neglects certain costs, especially if you have a private expense with a person that's also in the group. We also have different totals for costs among us which causes tension. We're looking for a new app or we're reverting to pen and paper. Run away, don't walk!
May 1, 2021
People, the new interface is simply confusing, the "Add Output" button obscures some of the views. Why does a new version necessarily have to break a graphically meaningful interface and make it unusable? usability? You can certainly get used to it, but it's definitely not as intuitive as before. What a pity.
Splitwise - Product Description
Splitwise is the easiest way to share expenses with friends and family and stop stressing about “who owes who”. Millions of people around the world use Splitwise to organize group bills for households, trips, and more. Our mission is to reduce the stress and awkwardness that money places on our most important relationships.
Splitwise is great for:
- Roommates splitting rent and apartment bills
- Group trips around the world
- Splitting a vacation house for skiing or at the beach
- Weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties
- Couples sharing relationship costs
- Friends and co-workers who go out to lunch or dinner together frequently
- Loans and IOUS between friends 
- And so much more
Splitwise is simple to use:
- Create groups or private friendships for any splitting situation
- Add expenses, IOUs, or informal debts in any currency, with support for offline entry
- Expenses are backed up online so everyone can log in, view their balances, and add expenses
- Keep track of who should pay next, or settle up by recording cash payments or using our integrations
We also have powerful features that can handle almost any money sharing situation. Here are some of our industry-leading features:
- Multi-platform support for smartphones and web
- Simplify debts into the easiest repayment plan
- Expense categorization
- Calculate group totals
- Export to CSV
- Comment directly on expenses
- Split expenses equally or unequally by percentages, shares, or exact amounts
- Add informal debts and IOUs
- Create bills that reccur monthly, weekly, yearly, fortnightly
- Add multiple payers on a single expense
- See total balances with a person across multiple groups and private expenses
- Custom user avatars
- Cover photos for groups 
- Activity feed and push notifications help you stay on top of changes
- View your edit history for changes to an expense
- Any deleted group or bill can be restored easily
- World-class customer support
- Pay back using our integrated payments: Venmo and PayPal (US only), Paytm (India only)
- 100+ currencies and growing
- 7+ supported languages

“Makes it easy to split everything from your dinner bill to rent.” - NY Times
"Fundamental for tracking finances. As good as WhatsApp for containing awkwardness." – The Financial Times
“I never fight with roommates over bills because of this genius expense-splitting app”- Business Insider
“The Single Best App You Can Download for Group Trips of Any Kind” - Thrillist
“Life Changing! I don’t review many things, but this app has seriously improved my quality of life. It has saved my sanity when it comes to splitting utilities, mortgage, groceries, dog expenses...the list goes on. No more saving receipts, making spreadsheets, and manually calculating each month. So handy for group trips/weekends, too! THANK YOU!!” – Courtney via the App Store

We offer in-app purchases for “Splitwise Pro”, the benefits of which are described below. The subscription amount will be charged to your App Store account and will vary by plan and country. You’ll see the total price before completing your first payment. If you don’t choose to purchase “Splitwise Pro”, you can continue using Splitwise for free.

Premium Subscription Service “Splitwise Pro”:
1. Store high-resolution receipts in the cloud (10GB cloud storage)
2. OCR integration for scanning and itemizing receipts
3. Backups to JSON, downloadable from our website
4. Convert expenses to different currencies using our Open Exchange Rates integration
5. Access to “spending by category” budgeting tools and other charts
6. Search full expense history

“Splitwise Pro” subscriptions purchased in-app renew monthly or yearly depending on your plan. Plan pricing may vary by country. To avoid renewal, you must turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before your subscription ends. You can turn off auto-renew at any time by visiting the App Store.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: https://www.splitwise.com/terms
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