Drive Product Quality. Reduce Churn. Improve User Experience.
unitQ Monitor analyzes your Zendesk Support Tickets and User Feedback data to uncover potential quality issues with your product, in real-time.
Automated Monitoring and Tracking
unitQ automatically scans user feedback from Zendesk Support Tickets and other public feedback channels (Google Play, App Store, Twitter, Reddit), to detect and track potential quality issues with your product.
Global Feedback and Insights
Stay on top of product quality with real-time alerts of new and trending software bugs and quality related issues reported in any language, region or platform.
Real-Time Alerts and Reporting
Send user reviews, product issues, or quality trends to specific teams in your organization via Slack, Jira or Pagerduty, making it easy to monitor what users are saying about your product in real-time.
Empowering the CX Team
Identify and fix product quality issues, mitigating manual tagging errors and lag in discovery. We also arm support reps with the indisputable reports and metadata they need to effectively communicate issues cross functionally.
unitQ Tags + Zendesk Tickets
Easily add multiple tags to any user feedback or category - allowing you to push labels from the classification models to the feedback source for bulk replies and better reporting.

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