profile-icon  By Aaron Verstraete
calendar  Jun 22, 2022

unitQ + Jira integration: Fix the right issues faster to drive product quality

Today we’re sharing that unitQ has integrated with Jira Cloud, one of the most popular issue tracking solutions in the world and currently used by more than 65,000 businesses globally. With the new integration, unitQ Monitor for Jira,  teams can easily understand which issues in Jira are having the biggest impact on the business, so that engineers and product teams can prioritize effectively. 

Using Jira Cloud and unitQ together in a seamless experience, companies can detect trends that impact product quality in real time and make decisions accordingly. By deeply integrating Jira engineering tickets alongside our existing unitQ data sources like user reviews, surveys, social media and chats, we can deliver the most complete picture of product quality available.

The integration makes it easy to create, link and track Jira issues within unitQ Monitor as well as accessing related product quality issues in Jira unmasked by unitQ. The integration also allows engineers working in Jira to get insights into quality issues reported by their organization’s customers.

unitQ’s integration with Jira, one of more than 30 unitQ integrations and growing, is another way we’re helping organizations improve product quality, which directly impacts churn, star ratings, revenue and growth. We’re working on building deeper integrations into all of the products and channels that our customers rely on for customer feedback, bug tracking, and more.

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Aaron Verstraete is head of partnerships for unitQ.