profile-icon  By Pete Bratach
calendar  Mar 13, 2023

Comprehend sentiment about your organization with unitQ’s Discourse integration

Online communities provide a valuable platform for organizations to connect with customers, improve products and services, and gain valuable insights into their market. Because these communities tend to draw impassioned users, keeping a pulse on their discussions is vital to the success of any business. 

That’s why our Voice-of-the-Customer platform — which plugs into dozens of user feedback sources including community platform Discord — now taps into Discourse communities to provide organizations with real-time, granular and actionable insights from Discourse discussions.

Why this matters

Our integration with Discourse takes our Voice-of-the-Customer platform to the next level! Discourse, the open source online community platform used by many industries — from tech to finance to gaming — empowers more than 30,000 communities worldwide. 

unitQ automatically organizes your Discourse community discussions into one of hundreds of specific categories. This enables organizations to quickly and easily understand what users are saying about their customer journey — including about what specific aspects of the user experience they like and don’t like. With this readily available data, companies can join the discussion in real time to address user feedback.

About unitQ

unitQ is an advanced Voice-of-the-Customer platform that provides AI-powered, actionable insights from user feedback to empower organizations to craft high-quality products, services and experiences across every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Category-leading companies like Bumble, Chime, HelloFresh, Pinterest, PrizePicks, Spotify and others rely on unitQ to drive growth, reduce churn, and build brand loyalty. Want to know what users think about your organization? Get a free AI-driven CX report. To learn more about unitQ, request a demo.

Pete Bratach is Documentation Manager for unitQ