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unitQ Digital Customer Experience

You hear from customers all the time, but making sense of feedback spread across siloed sources is nearly impossible. unitQ makes it easy to search, monitor, and analyze all user feedback from one place to provide a 360-degree view of your customer and ensure you are delivering the best digital experience possible based on what they are telling you.

We turn qualitative feedback into quantitative data you can use to increase engagement and decrease churn in four steps:

Consolidate feedback across support tickets, chats, social media, app reviews, and surveys into a central, searchable repository.
Translate text from 70+ languages, normalize and remove PII, enrich with sentiment analysis, and append with product metadata.
No need to rely on tagging. Our machine learning models classify feedback into hundreds of precise categories, better than a human ever could.
Once categorized and quantified, feedback is actionable. Our platform helps you monitor product quality and synthesize user insights.

Technology Partnerships

unitQ integrates with more than 50 different data sources, and partners with leading technology companies such as Zendesk, Ada, and AWS to empower customers to make the most of their customer feedback.

Notify Your Teams with Timely Alerts

Send timely alerts to the right teams via Slack, Jira, or PagerDuty when new feedback data arrives, when Quality Monitors start to trend, or new emerging issues are detected.

Fix Product Quality Issues Faster

Quickly detect all critical issues, automatically enriched with the metadata and granular insights your teams need to prioritize, troubleshoot, and fix quality issues.

unitQ is built to scale on AWS

AWS provides a massive global cloud infrastructure that allows unitQ to quickly innovate, experiment and iterate. Companies of all sizes, including unitQ, use AWS to deliver fast and reliable solutions at scale.