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Airtasker - Latest Quality Issues
Sep 23, 2022
Impossible to ask questions
It is almost impossible to ask questions on this ap - questions get blanked out by the moderator- I think hipages is better
Sep 25, 2022
I booked tasker for 200aud,
When I booked someone to do my task she asked for 250 and my essential offer was 200, I told her 200aud is my budget then she made new offer by 200aud, she didn't show up, when I went to the policy they said we will respond with 1-2 business days, I don't know why there is no instant support, all I had is tgt 200 for that task, so know I have to wait them, and 26 aud extra on top of 200 for booking fees, which I don't know if im gonna refunded is little to much
Sep 26, 2022
Fees too high
Great app, although website doesn't function on iPhone. Plenty of jobs, assigned first task within 48 hours of signing up. Fees equate to 23% for my first task, plus booking fee for client
Sep 27, 2022
For an app that claim to be for OZ, you have non Australian taskers registering from other countries and using fake names, giving themselves fake reviews and putting offer for a task well below what a pro at that job would have charged. This make the app loose integrity and downward reputation.
Sep 28, 2022
App needs work
The app works but it is a bit basic. No easy access to your chat history apart from private chats. No easy access to pending or un-accepted offers. Does not support dark mode or have any dark colour themes. It's functional but not very intuitive or friendly.
Oct 2, 2022
App wont even open. Online either.
Oct 4, 2022
Na you not getting Ur money back if U cancel.
Oct 4, 2022
the fees they charge on air tasker are outrageous! I completed a job for $360. I worked hard for that money cleaning oublic toliets during a 2 day event and was dissapointed when $79 was deducted for being a first time user - Bronze level. The poster also paid a fee of $25, and then tried to give me a tip of $60 (the maxium tip you are allowed to send) to make up the difference in wages - which air tasker also deducted a fee of $12.00 from!!!! the poster paid $445, and i recieved $327.
Oct 4, 2022
Very good app dislike not being able to swap details to talk about jobs over the phone before assigning a job as some people don't understand the full extent some jobs go in to
Airtasker - Product Description
To-do list never getting shorter? Take the burden off and find the help you need on Airtasker. Simply let people know what you need done by posting a task, then pick the offer that works best for you! Sort out the details while we hold the payment securely for you, then once it’s done you can release it to the Tasker.

Or are you looking to earn some extra money? Airtasker gives you the flexibility to work when you want, with whom you want and doing what you want to do.  Plus you decide what is a fair price for the task - you’re in control!! 

We’ve got over 2 million people across Australia & the UK ready and willing to help out. So when you post a task you need done, there’s a good chance there’ll be someone round the corner eager to help!

When a task is done it gets rated and reviewed - so you can find out about the quality of a Tasker’s work and how reliable they are before you accept an offer.

Payment for the task gets sorted out when an offer is accepted and held securely until the task is done. So both Posters and Taskers can be confident that payment is ready and the task can get done without hesitation.

Insurance is there to ease any worries – making sure the Tasker has liability insurance while performing most task activities*.

We get all sorts of weird and wonderful tasks on Airtasker - after all, nearly anything can be done through it! But here are some of our most popular types:
- Home cleaning
- Tradesmen & handyman jobs
- Gardening
- Pick up & delivery
- IKEA furniture assembly
- Online freelancing
- Photography 
- Blog support
- Office admin services
- Airbnb tasks (cleaning, key drop off)

For Posters:
• GET ANYTHING DONE - Post up whatever you need done
• YOU CHOOSE - Choose the offer that’s best for you
• PAY SECURELY - Make payment upfront and keep it secure until the task is done
• MESSAGE PRIVATELY - Get constant updates on task progress
• VERIFIED TASKERS - Find great Taskers with independently verified badges

For Taskers:
• 1000’S OF TASKS - Browse thousands of new tasks to do every day
• YOUR SKILLS MATTER - Use your own unique skills and experience to tailor your offer
• YOU’RE THE BOSS - Set what you’ll do, when you’ll work and for how much
• BOOST YOUR PROFILE - Show off your skills with verified badges
• YOU’RE COVERED - Get a range of benefits (e.g. insurance*) with each task

*T&C’s apply.
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