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Airtasker - Latest Quality Issues
Mar 10, 2023
Very judgmental app
Sometimes people just need a friendly (free) piece of advice, well watch out if you do as this app will send stiff warning saying you're breaching community guidelines and filling people's inboxes with spam. In reality all you're doing is stopping Airtasker from earning a commission which is very short sighted as the customers positive albeit free experience should bring them back
Mar 13, 2023
The new updated app has a million bugs and the IT team fails to understand or even address the issue even with photos and videos of the failures provided. Poor customer service as well.
Mar 14, 2023
Airtasker fees are insain maximum you can offer on a job is $9999 airtasker fee for that is $2200 they keep.. for nothing.. my insurance cost me $500 for a yr why don't they cap there fees so you don't have to charge an arm and a leg to do a job, just to get to the job and realise you need to quote more because the fees are to high and the raking system is impossible to move to up on to lower fees because people keep cancelling when they find out how much it will cost them. A.T lower the fees
Mar 17, 2023
BEWARE. Do not use this app. I posted a job and subsequently found someone outside the app for cheaper. No services were rendered but I am unable to get a refund and have contacted Airtasker numerous times
Mar 18, 2023
Worst app ever they block your account without even sending an email to clear the reason very unfair stupid rules and takes ages to reply to you they making so much money of this app and this is what's making them act like this and not care about taskers but once everyone stops using the app then they will realise there mistakes
Mar 22, 2023
This app has so much potential but they're over charged fees is hurting everyone looking and every one that's trying to hire us. Every company that contact me has all said the same thing, THEY REFUSED TO HIRE ME BECAUSE OF THE FEES THIS APP IS CHARGING THEM. SO IN ORDER FOR US TO ACCEPT THE OFFER WE HAVE TO INCREASE THE OFFER SO THAT WE CAN BE PAID PROPER WITHOUT THE CHARGES AFFECTING OUR PAY. You're charging the worker Plus you're charging the company providing the work.
Mar 22, 2023
It's was good but this year became worse, many fake profiles, profiles with fake reviews and fake offers and when you report they just don't care, now if you cancel the user can left reviews in your profile....insane! many restrictions in your account for any reason.....crazy fees 44% in total. To be honest the offers reduce more than 70% because if you don't have good and real workers the clients will disappear.....or use the app just one time and never again.
Mar 26, 2023
There is a little problem with the app it's been doing it for years now As you are sceling down though the tasks it will keep repeating tasks that you have already been past It's like it just jumps up a bit as your going down thugh the available tasks It's been like this for quite a few years now
Mar 26, 2023
I have found the app a great way to make a 2nd income, but I just finished a task & am not able to submit a rating.
Airtasker - Product Description
To-do list never getting shorter? Take the burden off and find the help you need on Airtasker. Simply let people know what you need done by posting a task, then pick the offer that works best for you! Sort out the details while we hold the payment securely for you, then once it’s done you can release it to the Tasker.

Or are you looking to earn some extra money? Airtasker gives you the flexibility to work when you want, with whom you want and doing what you want to do.  Plus you decide what is a fair price for the task - you’re in control!! 

We’ve got over 2 million people across Australia & the UK ready and willing to help out. So when you post a task you need done, there’s a good chance there’ll be someone round the corner eager to help!

When a task is done it gets rated and reviewed - so you can find out about the quality of a Tasker’s work and how reliable they are before you accept an offer.

Payment for the task gets sorted out when an offer is accepted and held securely until the task is done. So both Posters and Taskers can be confident that payment is ready and the task can get done without hesitation.

Insurance is there to ease any worries – making sure the Tasker has liability insurance while performing most task activities*.

We get all sorts of weird and wonderful tasks on Airtasker - after all, nearly anything can be done through it! But here are some of our most popular types:
- Home cleaning
- Tradesmen & handyman jobs
- Gardening
- Pick up & delivery
- IKEA furniture assembly
- Online freelancing
- Photography 
- Blog support
- Office admin services
- Airbnb tasks (cleaning, key drop off)

For Posters:
• GET ANYTHING DONE - Post up whatever you need done
• YOU CHOOSE - Choose the offer that’s best for you
• PAY SECURELY - Make payment upfront and keep it secure until the task is done
• MESSAGE PRIVATELY - Get constant updates on task progress
• VERIFIED TASKERS - Find great Taskers with independently verified badges

For Taskers:
• 1000’S OF TASKS - Browse thousands of new tasks to do every day
• YOUR SKILLS MATTER - Use your own unique skills and experience to tailor your offer
• YOU’RE THE BOSS - Set what you’ll do, when you’ll work and for how much
• BOOST YOUR PROFILE - Show off your skills with verified badges
• YOU’RE COVERED - Get a range of benefits (e.g. insurance*) with each task

*T&C’s apply.
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