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Airtasker - Latest Quality Issues
Sep 16, 2023
They lie to you!
I will never use this app again. Not only xo they obscure their fee structure, by lying (actively) and not telling you that your “budget” is something you have to pay upfront but that they take a significant portion of that “budget” for literally doing nothing. I am reporting them to my countries consumer affairs authority and encourage others to do the same. They do not deserve to be paid for a service that cannot actively assure will be provided. If I could give zero stars I would.
Sep 17, 2023
Photo zoom issue
When I click on photo to see the image open bur than can't go back have exit the app And reopen fix it please.
Sep 20, 2023
Air taxer
They take more than 30% between the poster and tasker, mostly just for matching up the two. That's just ridiculous. And in case of any damages, making a claim is such a pain. For a damage of $380 they said the excess payment is $2500. Someone should come up with an alternative to this robbery of an app!
Sep 20, 2023
Well functioning app however
Your commission fees are too high. The people I've assigned jobs to on this app go above and beyond to get the job done and AirTasker just takes a big chunk of the pay for doing nothing. Capitalist scums.
Sep 20, 2023
Zero customer support- none.
Been waiting 4-5 days for some help with a problem that cannot be resolved via the support pages or community. Thus I have missed out on numerous tasks and revenue, as I cannot message people offering work. No response via the app or web page. Brutal.
Sep 20, 2023
Messaging could be better
Would be good if we could reply to particular messages or images to make it less confusing when discussing designs etc.
Sep 21, 2023
No support available
There was an issue and I was charged a fee, the task was cancelled by the service provider and the fee was still charged. No one responds to the online chat support or email to support. There is no phone to call. While this may work fine when tasks fall into place, when there are issues there is no support. Be aware. Hopefully by posting this I will get contacted.
Sep 22, 2023
Efficient and a positive experience most of the time for freelance work. Cancellation policy needs to be more fair though, as no compensation provided to the tasker when poster cancels job last minute.
Sep 22, 2023
They keep cancelling your task and won't tell you the exact reason. Got job done via Gumtree instead.
Airtasker - Product Description
To-do list never getting shorter? Take the burden off and find the help you need on Airtasker. Simply let people know what you need done by posting a task, then pick the offer that works best for you! Sort out the details while we hold the payment securely for you, then once it’s done you can release it to the Tasker.

Or are you looking to earn some extra money? Airtasker gives you the flexibility to work when you want, with whomever you want and doing whatever you want. Plus you decide what is a fair price for the task - you’re in control!!

We’ve got a huge community of Taskers ready and willing to help out. So when you post a task you need done, there’s a good chance there’ll be someone round the corner eager to help!

When a task is done it gets rated and reviewed - so you can find out about the quality of a Tasker’s work and how reliable they are before you accept an offer.

Payment for the task gets sorted out when an offer is accepted and held securely until the task is done. So both Posters and Taskers can be confident that payment is ready and the task can get done without hesitation.

Insurance is there to ease any worries – making sure the Tasker has liability insurance while performing most task activities*.

We get all sorts of weird and wonderful tasks on Airtasker - after all, nearly anything can be done through it! But here are some of our most popular types:
- House cleaning services
- Moving services
- Home repairs & handyman jobs
- Yardwork services
- Pick-up & delivery
- IKEA furniture assembly
- Virtual and online assistance
- Photography
- Blog support
- Personal assistant and office services
- Airbnb tasks (cleaning, key drop off)

For Posters:
• GET ANYTHING DONE - Post whatever you need done
• VERIFIED TASKERS - Find great Taskers with independently verified badges
• YOU CHOOSE - Choose the offer that’s best for you
• PAY SECURELY - Make payment upfront and keep it secure until the task is done
• MESSAGE PRIVATELY - Get live updates on your task progress

For Taskers:
• 1000s OF TASKS - Browse thousands of new tasks to do every day
• YOUR SKILLS MATTER - Use your own unique skills and experience to tailor your offer
• YOU’RE THE BOSS - Set what you’ll do, when you’ll work and for how much
• BOOST YOUR PROFILE - Show off your skills with verified badges
• YOU’RE COVERED - Get a range of benefits (including insurance*) with each task

*T&C’s apply.
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