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Anghami: Play Music & Podcasts - Latest Quality Issues
Sep 23, 2023
Crashing !
It's been two days now, every time i connect my phone to Bluetooth the app crashes and doesn't open again !!!
Sep 23, 2023
I have a problem in the app, whenever i connect to bluetooth the app gets force closed, i reinstalled the app and the problem is not solved.. so what i have to do to fix the app.
Sep 23, 2023
keep crashing
app is great but after new update it's keep crashing with apple carplay and keep signing out when connecting to apple carplay
Sep 23, 2023
Was listening to Amal Maher's new album, and suddenly, the songs removed !!!!!!
Sep 24, 2023
App keeps crashing after update to iOS 17 I updated the app and now no crashes so far Thanks
Sep 24, 2023
God's Announcements
My songs have become one of the worst programs that I am not honored to enjoy on top of that between every song and song of advertisement I became obliged to listen to songs from the taste of the bad program every time I put on the songs that are misleading it will turn me into suffering again silly
Sep 24, 2023
This app is awesome but they say that I can get 1 month free to unlock everything but it's says that I have to pay!!!!
Sep 25, 2023
A dummy that does not allow you to listen even to our rock and metal music, what can we say then about foreign music. I downloaded it for a trial and realized that I was simply wasting my time by registering here
Sep 25, 2023
This song is not available. Most of the time I get this message
Anghami: Play Music & Podcasts - Product Description
The music experience you deserve is right here at Anghami.

Anghami is the perfect music companion for you. With a library of over 57 million Arabic and International songs, thousands of podcasts, and hundreds of playlists, you will be able to enjoy the best music experience on a music player like no other. 

Discover new music:
• Be the first to play the latest songs of your favorite artists on Anghami 
• Make some song discoveries from our collection of playlists and mixtapes or via Live Radio

Stay up-to-date with the latest music:
 • Follow artists and podcasts and stay posted about new music, a new song and latest podcast episodes for free

Create a personalized music library:
• Your favorite songs, albums & podcasts all in one music player
• Create your own playlists, with songs you love the most
• In the mood for some Tarab, Hip Hop, Pop, K-pop or other?  We’ve got the right playlist for you 
• Receive song recommendations that fit your music taste 
• Bring in your mp3 song to your Anghami library and replace any music downloader you've ever used

Find your music soulmates:
• Discover new music, songs or artists from people who share the same music taste as yours
• Let the sound of music bring people together

Play music across all devices:
• Take Anghami’s music player with you everywhere
• Play any song, artist, podcast or playlist on any device you want

Discover Live Radio:
The new fm radio replacement is here.
Explore Radios for all moods. Join a Tarab Live Radio or invite your friends to join you in a Kpop, pop, hip hop Radio session and enjoy the same music at the same time. Suggest a song and discuss any topic you want.

You can get all the music for free, and you can also enjoy the ultimate Anghami music experience with our premium services, Anghami Plus plans. 

• Download any song, podcast, album, or playlist
• Enjoy your downloads offline through Anghami easiest to use feature, its music downloader

Stream music without any restrictions:
• Go back to the beginning of the song
• Scrub to your favorite part of the song
• Put the song you love on repeat.
• Play any song, artist, podcast, album, video or playlist you want without ads.
• Unlock the lyrics of your favorite songs.
• Enjoy music & podcasts in high audio quality.
• Start a Live Radio, your own FM radio, from the song queue or homepage.
• Upload any mp3 song from your device to your Anghami library from our Desktop app.

Anghami Plus Family Plan:
Get 6 separate accounts and let your family members join you. To each their own music, to each their own account. 

Anghami Plus Student Plan:
Study to the sound of your favorite songs, enjoy the perks of being a student and let the music entertain you all year long.                                            

Find all the music you love, play any song, mp3 file, album, artist, video and podcasts from all over the world & go live, all for free and enjoy a personalized music experience like no other. Upload an mp3 song you can’t find straight to your account and play it offline. How does that sound?

If you have any problems, feedback or a song request, we’ll be happy to assist you on support@anghami.com
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