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Apartment List - Latest Quality Issues
May 31, 2024
Good prospects. The thing I don't like is the same thing keeps popping up after you already did a thumbs down.
Jun 3, 2024
extremely inaccurate
None of the prices were accurate i toured 3 different apartments off of there and every single one of them said that they didn't have a single apartment for the prices listed online.
Jun 6, 2024
Good app
Main issue with this wonderful app, if you are going to force close your app because you are ‘price fixing' because of the day and time, why even price fix to begin with? What's the point of any of it? Duping customers? Why? I enjoy using apps that are not subvertly making my life worse by supporting political movements. App is very good BUT I NEED TO FIND AN APARTMENT. Not play ff virtual games all day. Price is important in 100% of the purchases humans make everyday.
Jun 7, 2024
Great app for viewing specials and comparing prices, especially if you're only interested in a few places. My biggest gripe, however, is the lack of flexibility in viewing. There are communities that weren't in my budget during my first run-through, that are in budget now, but I can't just search them up and add it to my list. I have to scroll through my disliked list until I find it. Things like that make it not as user-friendly as some other apps.
Jun 7, 2024
Not able to find apt
Jun 10, 2024
Most of the listings are scams. Every time I applied for a property, I was always approved within a day and then asked to send money before seeing the units. Stay away from this app at all costs.
Jun 12, 2024
I went to tour an apartment, and was told Apartment List is advertising the wrong price, and they have been trying to get them to change the prices they advertise. It was a $385 difference!
Jun 12, 2024
I just need one thing
I would like it if when I book touring appointments with the app I could see a calendar or schedule of what I have booked already.
Jun 13, 2024
Isn't worth it.
I've gone through every single listing it feels like and will show me a good apartment but then say no heat included😭 but feels like it was the same pictures for multiple buildings...
Apartment List - Product Description
Apartment List is an apartment search app dedicated to taking the headache out of the rental process. Designed for the modern-day renter, this apartment search app functions as your ultimate rental concierge. It takes the time to understand your needs and share apartments that fit your exact criteria – from desired location and rental price to amenities and pet policies.  

Finding apartments and home rentals with Apartment List is seamless. After downloading the app, we ask you what you’re looking for in an initial questionnaire and share apartment listings that match your stated preferences. To select your favorites, simply swipe right on the apartments or home rentals you love. 

We’ll then create a short list of all the apartments you selected. Here, you can view each apartment listing in detail and effortlessly compare your options, get in contact with rental properties, or schedule an apartment tour. 

Say goodbye to endless lists of rental properties and hello to apartments specifically tailored to your wants and needs. After all, you shouldn’t settle on your next home – you should love it!

"This is the ultimate tool for finding apartments."
"Killer app for anyone looking for a new apartment."
“Apartment List is unlike any service out there. It takes your needs into consideration and makes apartment hunting a swipe-right-or-left game!”

Apartment List Features

Personalized Renter Questionnaire + Apartment Matching 
• Our renter questionnaire features a series of personalized questions to better understand your rental needs
• We analyze your responses and share the best apartments for you based on your answers – from the neighborhood, rent price, amenities, and more!
• To select your favorites, simply swipe right on the apartments or home rentals you love

Tailored Apartment Categories
• We’ll prioritize and categorize the best apartments for you based on your stated preferences
• Our categories provide insight into the apartments that match everything on your wishlist and others that may come with a few trade-offs
• Select the perfect apartment for you in the palm of your hands – and ensure you never miss out on great apartment properties you didn’t think to search for!

Real-Time Pricing and Availability Updates 
• The Apartment List app has nearly 6 million apartment units on our platform with rentals available in all 50 U.S. states
• All apartment listings feature high-quality photos of each rental unit and up-to-date information on pricing, availability, rent specials, and the fine print you care about – like pet policies and move-in fees!

Download Apartment List, the apartment search app, and find your perfect match today! We’re always looking to improve your rental experience, so be sure to check back for awesome new features.

Don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us by emailing feedback@apartmentlist.com. We’d love to hear from you!
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