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Audio Editor - Music editor - Latest Quality Issues
Sep 16, 2023
Cannot search all local music
Sep 16, 2023
No game
Sep 17, 2023
No thanks
Doesn't work as stated
Sep 18, 2023
Bad everything starts to buy paid, I've never used an app so bad
Sep 19, 2023
How do I export to my phone?
After editing, I searched for half a day and did not find how to export it
Sep 20, 2023
It is not clear how to set the ringtone to the contact. Delete.
Sep 20, 2023
😔This APK does not serve for what I wanted (edit audios and music as if it were on PC com many tools) I expected 😠this and premiun limits🥵 me too much and I do not know how to put the audios in the internal storage if I have a better tool on PC and 😳this does not have much to help me to use it on my cell phone (I really do not😠 like this kind of premiun🤯🤧) but could it be better? 👈😑👉 If I leave the edge 🙄? Whoever understands me is fine
Sep 21, 2023
Lack of instruction
There is a lack of instructions. I just needed to edit 5 audios together and I tried for a long time to figure out how to do it. At first I did not understand, and until I started looking for other applications, and did not see the instructions from another application, I thought to put 1 star😄 and when I saw the instructions from another application, I returned and did my job, changing my rating of the application. I took advantage of the free period.
Sep 22, 2023
It costs money
Not very functional
Audio Editor - Music editor - Product Description
[Audio Editor] A simple and powerful audio editing tool. It can complete the professional audio clips work easily on iPhone and iPad 

- 「Splicing and sound mixing」: One-key switching; support free drag, easy to operate 
- 「 Recording 」: Support wired or wireless (AirPods and Pro) earphones and in-ear monitor; support accompaniment play; 
- 「 Cutting 」: Cut the audio fast and freely 
- 「 Shifting 」: 0.2 times ~ 4 times, control the rhythm freely 
- 「 Balance 」: Support R-CH and L-CH settings 
- 「 Fade 」: 1s~5s, set the fade-in fade-out as one wishes 

- 「Pitch」: Rising and falling, change the voice into that of "Lolita" and "uncle" and so on within one second 
- 「Reverb」: Room, living room and church, etc., switch the scenario as one wishes 
- 「Distortion」: Electronic, echo and metal, etc., feel different audio 
- 「Delay」: Support max 2s delay special-effects; a single can also have chorus 
- 「Equalizer」: Bass boost and human voice resonance, etc., custom equalizer with 10 sections of frequency. It makes your audio voice clear, high pitch transparent and low pitch "rhythmic" 

- 「Audio Toolbox」: Noise reduction, vocal enhancement, vocal/accompaniment separation...
- 「Setting as ringtone」: Set the audio as the phone ringtone 
- 「Format conversion」: Support many audio formats with free conversion, such as mp3, m4a, m4r, wav, aiff, etc. 
- 「Audio import」: Support 6 methods to import the audio: Video extract, WiFi, UTI, Apple music, file and clipboard 
-「Auto-draft」: Autosave the draft with more efficient re-editing 
-「Undo/Redo」: Support unlimited times of undo and redo 
- 「Tab group」: Set the color mark to group the audio easily 
-「Delete/Withdraw」: Provide "repentance" operation after the audio is deleted 

[Contact us] 
Gmail: chentom417@gmail.com
Your suggestion is very important to me, you can contact me using the feedback in the app.

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