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Binance.US: Buy Bitcoin & ETH - Latest Quality Issues
Apr 3, 2024
Totally got exit scammed, thanks to the state of Maine and Binance making it impossible to withdraw my money. I couldn't find the deposit by plaid in my bank and clicked the link anticipating that it would be an option to send after completing account closure, instead they just kept my money and closed my account. Thanks a lot between government oversight and terrible use of the English language, I'm sure you all made plenty of money off of this; keeping all the money left in accounts this way.
Apr 4, 2024
5/5 for Horrible UX, rude customer support, and high fees
There was a time I advocated for binance but after coming to my senses —due to the low quality of their product like app navigation being restrictive and lacking simple but standard features, the feeling of being scammed every time I would on board funds, transfer crypto, or swap crypto, not to mention the rude customer support—suffice to say that not only will I not go back but I'll make sure I share the news. Download at your own peril.
Apr 7, 2024
No withdraws
Send some bitcoin to get the app all started then tried sending it to a preferred address but the app wont let me send any of it
Apr 8, 2024
The app is functional - the fees are almost criminal they are so high.
Transferred some bitcoin in a new crypto wallet for me. I was excited to use sometimes a little more ‘professional' looking than CashApps or Venmo's bitcoin offering. Well, the fees are about 10x higher than the other easier wallets. If you want access to numerous crypto, and have the app that looks and feels ‘more professional' for a financial app, and don't care about throwing away money in fees that are so high, it should be illegal—use this app. If you want an easier option and pay less in fees; skip the download and safe yourself some cash.
Apr 8, 2024
Binance leaked my personal data
I have 0 interest in crypto. I never look or introduce my details in anything related to crypto. Today I downloaded Binance and added my personal details to my account. Three hours later I was added to an spam text group promoting crypto. Feel disappointed.
Apr 12, 2024
I found this application interesting, until it started giving me a lot of problems, it doesn't let me do the advanced verification, when I try to do it it asks me for a code that they send to my cell phone and when I enter it it says that it is incorrect and they send me another one and it returns say incorrect to the point that it says my account is blocked for entering the wrong verification code too many times, and it won't let me add payment method, and it's starting to disappoint me, everything looks very nice and attracts attention but when you want do something in this application you find that it has many technical problems and apparently its creators do not give it importance since they do not fix the errors on their platform and that is somewhat frustrating, I have other applications that deal with the same thing and when they have a It doesn't take them long to fix the problem, but in this case the problem has been around for a while and it doesn't seem like they are trying to solve it. I don't know what is happening but I hope they fix the problems with their operating system since I would like to enjoy an excellent experience.
Apr 12, 2024
SMS problem
Why this app can't use in NZ? They don't give me sms verify code with NZ phone number.
Apr 13, 2024
Can't find the contacts to be able to send without paying commission
Apr 13, 2024
Binance just scam me my account bro. I have not login only for a year, and the account does not exist anymore. Even though I tried to reset password with my google account. Do not trust crypto and do not trust Binance
Binance.US: Buy Bitcoin & ETH - Product Description
Binance.US is the leading crypto platform trusted by millions of customers in the U.S. Securely buy and sell bitcoin and 150+ cryptocurrencies with some of the lowest fees available anywhere, including zero fee trading for BTC on select pairs.

Start your crypto portfolio in as little as two minutes. Easily trade BTC with $0 fees on select pairs. All it takes is a few quick taps to start trading on Binance.US.

- Start staking crypto to help support your favorite projects and contribute to the network’s security and operation while earning rewards.
- Named by USA Today & Forbes Advisor as one of the best cryptocurrency platforms for staking.
- Stake 15+ cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), BNB, and many of the largest Proof-of-Stake (PoS) assets.
- Help secure blockchain networks and protocols while earning staking rewards.

- Download the Binance.US app today and experience a fast, easy, and secure way to trade crypto.
- Learn while you invest with helpful tool-tips, cryptocurrency descriptions, and newsworthy headlines to guide you in your crypto journey.

- Access Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), BNB, Dogecoin (DOGE), Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche (AVAX), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Stellar Lumens (XLM), and more.
- Buy & sell crypto with USDT, our base asset for buying, selling, and trading 150+ cryptocurrencies.

- Buy and sell crypto instantly with only a few taps.
- Trade like a pro with advanced trading tools, live charts, and real-time order book information.
- Stake crypto to help secure your favorite blockchain networks, support crypto projects, and earn staking rewards.
- Send, request, receive, and gift crypto instantly for free with Pay. 
- Convert between cryptocurrencies with zero transaction fees. A spread applies when converting crypto.
- Set price alerts for your favorite cryptocurrencies so you never miss an opportunity. 

- Power your trades with an advanced interface built from the ground up for seasoned crypto traders.
- Access a range of sophisticated trading tools including live candlestick charts, technical analysis indicators, and real-time order book information.
- Place market, limit, stop-limit, trailing stop, and OCO orders to manage risk and get more out of your trades.
- Execute complex trading strategies on-the-go with low fees and superior price discovery.

- Trade with peace of mind on the crypto platform of choice for customers looking to securely store their crypto.
- Your crypto belongs to you. All customer assets are held on a 1:1 basis, so you can access your funds anytime you want.
- Binance.US is proud to maintain world-class accreditations and certifications, including ISO/IEC 27701 and ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation, SOC 2, Type 1 certification, and PCI-DSS certification.
- As one of the most licensed crypto platforms in the U.S., Binance.US has 43 Money Transmitter Licenses and counting.

- Connect with our majority U.S.-based customer support agents anytime, anywhere, right from the Binance.US mobile app or website.
- Get real-time support and answers to your questions with our 24/7 live chat feature.
- Find answers to common questions or issues and access helpful tutorials and how-to guides on our Support Center.

Buy, trade, convert, and track over 150 popular cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, ADA, DOGE, LTC, SOL, SHIB, MATIC, AVAX, ETC, XLM, HBAR, USDT, ALGO, LRC, MANA, USDC, LINK, DOT, BCH, XTZ, and more!
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