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Bitpanda: Buy Bitcoin & Gold securely - Latest Quality Issues
Oct 20, 2021
Top, but there are problems
Top app, everything so far tutti 👍🏻 Since the last update I have to log in with my iphone every time anew and set a PIN. What's going on?!
Oct 20, 2021
Update failed
Since the last update, I have to log in with email/password, pin and Touch ID on every query. That is extremely annoying. Otherwise, the app is ok IOS 15
Oct 20, 2021
On days with a large trading volume it unfortunately happens too often that it is not possible to sell/buy positions, because the servers are probably overloaded.... That can cost a lot of money. In addition, an SL function would be very desirable. Then there are also 5 stars
Oct 19, 2021
After update you will always be logged out
So far I am at peace with Bitpanda but now after the update I always have to log in again and again after a certain time so complete with email password and also with 2x authentication.... before the update it was much better to log in once and then only with Face ID. Now as it is, it's crap... please fix
Oct 18, 2021
Update went wrong
Since the last update, username password is not saved.
Oct 18, 2021
Still quite buggy
Several bugs. Asks me to login and set up pin code everytime I open the app. Running latest version of iOS.
Oct 18, 2021
For some reason, I can't deposit my money on the app. Is that just not possible with me or is that often the case? Have already uninstalled and reinstalled sber still does not work.
Oct 18, 2021
I've been showing false percentages for months. Thousands of percent in the plus although I'm actually in the minus and vice versa. Arouses great mistrust in a company if you don't even get the simple tasks on the line.
Oct 18, 2021
Why aren't all cryptos displayed? And with new coins you are always very behind... are listed if at all very late that please change then there are five stars
Bitpanda: Buy Bitcoin & Gold securely - Product Description
Do you want to invest with a small budget but are unsure of how to start? Whether you want to buy Bitcoin, start investing in the stock market, or save gold regularly, use the Bitpanda App for your finances, all in one place.

The Bitpanda App offers you an easy way to buy Bitcoin, invest in stocks or ETFs and a fast, intuitive and secure trading experience no matter your budget. *For detailed information on some of these assets, see the published prospectus on bitpanda.com.*

INVESTMENT APP FOR BEGINNERS and seasoned investors alike 
Whether you are a beginner to trading, have been investing for a while or if you are a seasoned investor, the Bitpanda App is easy to use and meets all your investment needs. 

You can check, keep track of and manage your personal investments in cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs and precious metals, set price alarms and start investing at any time.

⭐ Popular Bitpanda Features✔️  Bitpanda Crypto Index (BCI)
Invest in the top 5, top 10 or top 25 cryptocurrencies traded on the market and benefit from automatic portfolio rebalancing (weighting adjustments) and set up automated savings with Bitpanda Savings - for detailed information on the Bitpanda Crypto Index, see the published prospectus on bitpanda.com
✔️ Bitpanda Savings for stress-free investing in precious metals, cryptocurrencies and crypto indices at regular intervals
✔️ Buy, sell and exchange precious metals and cryptocurrencies 24/7 with a minimum amount of EUR 1 (*from EUR 10 for crypto index products)

 ✔️ Invest in small slices of your favourite stocks and ETFs
 ✔️ Fractional stocks such as Tesla, Apple and Amazon
 ✔️ Commission-free investing and tight spreads, 24/7 available

✔️ Free Visa debit card, connected to your Bitpanda portfolio, making your investments instantly spendable without topping up ever.
✔️ Connect any asset you want to the card using the Bitpanda App.
✔️ Spend your crypto, metals or any other asset with a tap of a card

✨ Trading app features at a glance• Secure and regulated platform for beginners and experienced investors
• Optimised management of your investments
• Buy, sell and exchange  Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Pantos (PAN), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), IOTA (MIOTA), Litecoin (LTC), Chainlink (LINK), Cardano (ADA) and many other coins on our cryptocurrency platform
• EUR, CHF, USD, GBP, and TRY fiat currencies supported
• Send cryptocurrencies to other Bitpanda users FREE OF CHARGE
• Easily create and manage your personalised contact list
• Free wallet service included 

💵 Payment and Payout Methods• SOFORT transfer (available in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland)
• Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) (deposits only)
• Skrill
• GIROPAY/EPS (deposits only)
• Bank transfer
• Fiat wallet (euro, Swiss franc, British pound sterling and US dollar)
• iDeal

About Bitpanda
Bitpanda GmbH is a successful fintech company based in Vienna, Austria, founded in 2014 by Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek and Christian Trummer to tear down the barriers to investing and personal finance through digital assets and blockchain technology like cryptocurrencies, precious metals, fractional stocks and ETFs and to bring traditional financial products into the 21st century.

What are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum?
Cryptocurrencies are digital assets regarded as investment. They are secured in decentralised networks, not controlled by any individual actors and are used in technical applications and as means of payment. Transactions are recorded in blockchains. The most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).
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