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Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game - Latest Quality Issues
Mar 12, 2023
Too many ads
Mar 12, 2023
Would give more stars if it wasn't so many ads😒
Mar 16, 2023
I can't download the game why????????uuuu
Mar 17, 2023
I love this game but I keep getting the same ads
Mar 20, 2023
Good pastime but too much advertising.. After every single game and also before
Mar 23, 2023
Like it so far but don't like the interruptions showing other games
Mar 24, 2023
Cannot play
I got to the x-ray levels and all of them are just black, they ain't let me play. I wonder if this was intended, but seriously, I actually can't play
Mar 25, 2023
Great game, but excessive ads, could be a little less, since the riddles are fast
Mar 25, 2023
Brain Wash - Puzzle Mind Game - Product Description
How often do you talk with your brain?

Hey, friend, what’s up! It’s me – your crazy brain! Let’s talk a bit, I’ve made a surprise for you… If you are brave enough, ask yourself three simple questions: 

1.Are you tired of following common rules?  
Good job, next one, please.

2. Wanna get some fresh ideas and unique insights?
And the last one, but not the least:

3. Do you know how to start thinking in a different and unique way? 

So probably you’ve just failed now. Do not worry! I do know the right solution cause you cannot imagine how am I sick of stereotypical thinking!  

► Shall we wash ourselves?

Oh no-no-no! I don’t need your private details…. But have you ever washed me? I am about puzzle game «Brainwash»! It’s a creative method to make me feel special and free from common frameworks! 

Unusual jigsaw is a magic tool, which will make us think differently and solve unpredictable funny tasks. Let me make you interested and mention some:

- match beloved to a cat or make a firework, 
- find a lion or even biscuits, 
- escape prisoner or choose father for a baby, 
- repair a tape or draw the tower of Pisa,
- convert «lose» to «love» or feed ufo-cat.

► Why Brainwash is worth paying attention to?

Top-5 key reasons: 

1. There is nothing in common with old school puzzle games. 
2. You will not get bored! Great variety of levels: from 1 to 100. 
3. It saves your time – one level takes about 1 min.
4. User-friendly interface: easy to get the idea. 
5. Stylish game tools and cheering motivation during the process. 

► What I expect you to do now?

• Download the game: choose the best online store according to your device (Keep in mind! There is only two possible options). Do it, I am watching you!
• Switch on your logic. We need to excel it at max!
• Press the button and be ready for some action!

Are there any instructions for a puzzle game? No! It’s time to start acting without guides!

Ready, set, wash your brain!
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